BEST @DSTORS COMMERCIAL (First one, that's why lol)

2년 전

A week ago, I asked a question to all the fellow steemies with my @appics post..


8 people answered..

You dropped a big carton of milk which went everywhere while trying to film footage or take a pic. Then all the non-blogger peeps were looking at you like - 'omg check out this milenial'- @raj808

The one who was shooting you did something inappropriately loud:) - @tata-natana

Someone rammed their shopping cart onto your foot - @chekohler

I'm sure the thing was in the camera, because many do not understand what you did :)) - @foxkoit

A random guy made a marriage propose 💐💐🤪 - @thehipsterguru

You either threw a tantrum in the store or you said "Everyone look. It's Condom, the funniest guy in Thailand and he's in the toothpaste isle!" Like reenacting that event. Lol. - @daveonarrival

Someone is taking you a photo climbed on the top of a shopping cart! - @calisay

Someone (the photographer) shouted "Merry Christmas" and you pulled that face whilst everyone close by turned around to see... Probably not as some people's faces are more of annoyance then surprise or shock lol - @travelling-two

I will be sending steem to @tata-natana and @travelling-two who guessed something about 'loud' / 'shout' lolol That's close enough, I think! :D

It's a @dstors' commercial !

Made this for fun and as I see the potential and believe in the project! Even there's a bit of 'drama' going on but really, whatever.

If you don't know about the project just yet, it's an awesome project by @kaliju, @derangedvisions and to know a bit more about it..

Check this out!

Male voice by the one and only prince..

Wait.. prince.. what? w... @adetorrent .. Gracias a tí!


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All copy and photos are original content by me.


k9cn9zmuib.png       jnrhf8i8l4.png       ihk2gf42un.png       8q8v4gmdh1.png


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Wow. Amazing work Mo!!

LOL, the best one I've seen so far indeed :')


Hahaha Thanks! <3 :D

Can you use dstors to buy Steem?


I think you can spend steem on stuffs but not exactly sure if you could exchange on the site hmm..

You should do all the dapp commercials haha

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LOLOL Yeah, good idea :D

Haha! Wow did you really do that?


Natural reactions bwahaha love them all

Great stuff Mo!!


Thanks Capt!!

Oh my god, Mo, that was AWESOME! Thanks so much dear - you bew the lid off my roof with this one! My wife was also like "whaaat that is so cute!" And much love @adetorrent !! ☺️💜


It was a fun one to do! :D

Awesome great thought n nice video.

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Thank you! :)

Ah close enough and thanks for sending some Steem over! Great to see you getting involved in @dstors commercial 😉 crypto famous!

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Bwahaha thanks for joining that random guessing game! :D

Lol your advert made me lol hard on the bus, got a similar look by the other people 😂😂

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Hahaha good for you! It's a great feeling! XD

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This was so funny. Great job.


Thanks again! :D

That is just wow!
Amazing commercial

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Thanks for watching and glad you liked! :D

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Oops! Thanks you! :D

Now ... what you next time do ? :))
Let the games continue.

Very creative! I love it ♥~

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Thanks a lot! :D ♥~

This is sooooooooooooo greatly done! I found out about it a little late.

Great one Mo! You are so creative and brilliant girl. 😊


Thanks! Glad you like!! :D