Avalon? WTF! - A block explorer for DTube

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Long story short. DTube today released version 0.9 of their platform. ( More information about the update: https://steemit.com/dtube/@dtube/dtube-0-9-doubling-up-your-rewards).

They now use their own blockchain ( https://github.com/dtube/avalon ). And what does a blockchain need? Right! A block explorer!

I present to you:


You can check blocks:


Single transactions:


and you can check a users profile:


If you like Avalon.WTF please consider voting for me as a DTube witness at



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This is a pretty epic update. I believe it gives the ability for content creators on Dtube to now design and launch their own community token if I am not mistaken?


This has nothing todo with ScotTube or SteemEngine :) DTube built their own blockchain and avalon.wtf is an explorer for this blockchain :)


oops I thought it did from another post I read I had thought it was planning to be added into steem-engine. I wonder if it will be once it is out of beta or the future plans for DTC. Legit so much going on lately it is hard to keep track of it all.


I doubt it. U can connect your steem-engine token into Dtube creating PALTube for example. but am not an expert

Nicely done was wondering about that. While voted !!

keep it going Weh ;)

Yes, Voted. :D

Holy shit, he showed me the code back in late '18 but never thought he actually could succeed.

No offense though, it's just an enormous task for a single person.

I'm glad to hear the good news, it may help DTube thrive, or at least become more independent

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Some one said it's not a seperate block chain but it's a side chain of steem as they examined the code. How much is it true?

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