DTube curation bot update

5개월 전

Over the last months and weeks I have added new features to the DTube curation bot ( https://github.com/dtube/dtube-curation ).

Number of curated videos per day

With the !chart command you can see how many videos were created during the last 7 days:

Always know when it's the best time to post your video

By using the !status command you can get useful information about the DTube curation team:

A simple !help for new curators

To make it easier for new curators to undertand how the bot works I added a !help command. This command only works in the non-public curation channel

Fight abuse with a new "No Vote" list.

To inform curators about bad actors I added the "No Vote" list to the bot. If a video made by a bad actor is suggested for curation the bot will inform the curator that this user is not eligible for curation:

The "No Vote" list is public: https://github.com/dtube/dtube-curation/blob/master/blacklist

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How to know its best time to post, is that command available to any one to use or only for curators bro!?

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