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What a lovely voice and you do got great skills to play guitar.

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@wishmaiden, I'm most inspiring just now listening both of your singing and playing skills. First time I heard nice voice from you and I hope you'll put more videos on future. Subscribed for looking forward them. Thanks


A wonderful interpretation you have a beautiful voice and the sound of the guitar is spectacular. Great performance.

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I can just say WOW :) Very cool and I like what I see on this post :) just not stop and make cool posts. Soon you are very big :)

Such a nice song Wishmaiden... And has a nice title too. You have such a nice talent with your nice voice and you know how to guitar too. Meh I guess it's nice for my someone special to sing a song and play the guitar for me too. How romantic don't you agree Wishmaiden... I'll think of an intrument which I should learn to play one of these days as well. You can enroll your kids with how to play a particular instrument and it can be a guitar, piano, violin etc. Your kids can have fun if you will enroll on summer classes and an instructor will teach them and they will learn a new talent too.

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