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good job my friend :)
good talk about our community and thank you for promoting our community :)


always my pleasure

so young and much energy! congrats

very interesting I must add

this sounds great

Love this new editing and well said buddy. Thank you for sharing words for #steemnurse... Overall i love the video.


thanks for checking out really appreciate

Very well done! Full upvote and I followed you too!


thanks so.much. appreciate a million times

aweeesomeee comunity :D amazing video :D :D

Great job my friend. You nailed it :)


thanks for watching

That name choice is highly misleading ...


I'm one of the few people trying to establish medical content on this platform.
I didn't expect the name SteemNurse to be taken already.
I appreciate any projects helping (new) users to get along here.
But from my point of view another name would have suited better. :)