Testing OBS Software - Checking out DTube :)

3년 전

Hey guys this is my first time posting to DTube! I got an email this morning from YouTube about the policy change regarding video monetization. I never really made a lot of money from my videos on YouTube to begin with in the first place. But still... the change is pretty toxic imo.

This is a real short clip of me testing OBS (Open Broadcast Studio) software. Before I was using Shadowplay through Nvidia share. I think I like OBS a lot more. My mic picks up EVERYTHING! So I need to figure out what I'm going to do about that. The background footage is a game called Project Gorgon. You can find the game at this link https://www.projectgorgon.com/

If all goes well you'll be seeing more gameplay of this as its the current mmo I've been spending most of my time in lately. :)

▶️ DTube
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Hm... something went wrong. I think I forgot to set settings in the advanced options. Otherwise the video should have been 1080p.


I don't think D.tube can run HD too well yet, it is still in beta. Also it takes some time for videos to spread in ipfs so fresh videos may be hard to watch. Player also is not perfect so you may have to refresh couple of times. I have been here since early december and I can say that D.tube team has been very good with updates! Back when I came from you had to sometimes refresh a video like 20 times.



Hey! Thanks for the tips, yeah it's pretty slow at first. I think the video is working now. :)


Also is it just me or is the video playback super slow?