Creating My Travel Check List / Unexpected Challenges | D.Vlog EP. 68

2년 전

It's time to create my travel check list!

At this point I'm in the very beginning stages of my decision to live a bit more nomadically (I'm planning to move to Thailand around November).

I'm working to figure out everything that I need to figure out lol.

This is a process within itself but I'm definitely making progress!

Let me know what y'all think of the new video format! I was inspired to add the text "side notes" as a way to add a bit of a more personal feel to my vlogs. Enjoy!


Thanks for stopping by!

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I love fully but hold loosely.
I feel like I can really relate to that. It’s hard to think that the relationship you have with someone is being pushed in different directions based on the choices that you’re making to live your fullest life. I’ve been in this situation before and we both chose to walk away from the relationship but coming from a place of love, knowing we were allowing the other to have complete freedom to be themselves and follow their path, even if it meant the other wasn’t in it. It was hard but it was the right choice in the end.
Not sure of your full situation but I’d like to think that this path will create strength for your relationship regardless of the outcome. It would be a shame to let distance and space be the downfall if that were the case.

I feel like Thailand will do amazing things for you!


Also I like the side note touch. 👍🏼


Sweet :) me too. I feel like there's a lot I can do with it!


@neeqi I really appreciate what you shared here. It is really tough but I know you're right. I don't think anyone ever regretted doing what they know is best for themselves... it's just the waiting and thinking period before that actually happens which is really a challenge.

I know it'll all turn out as it needs to :)

Loving your crazy afro ehehehe been missing a lot of things but I promise I will push myself to spend more time here as a user and not just a creator because I miss that times ehehehe glad to see you are doing great


hahaa it's the expression of my crazy self ;-) I need to catch up on your stuff as well! I also miss those times, just gotta get back in the habit


Yeah yesterdays video was actually about that coincidently eheheh :D I am trying to change that and be back to use more this what we have here just to enjoy life and entertain myself :D

Holy brother! I really need to talk to you man!

Winny out...for now ;)


haha just wait for a few future vlogs. then you'll really wanna chat. but we should chat anyways :P

Travel Checklist.
#1. Haircut :P

Set your goals in concrete, but draw your plans in the sand.

When you know that you're doing what you want to do, and you don't try and bottleneck all the decisions, when you step out on pure faith that you're on your path, then you'll always end up in the right place, at the right time :)
I'm excited for you brother :)


Exactly. Love that @bobaphet! So true and happens time and time again, just as it needs to.

I actually don't have haircut on my checklist! I think I'll let it be and we will see... haha