DTube Eats | THE $15 BURGER!!! | Trying A New Burger Spot In New York

2년 전

Whats up DTubers!? Spencer Ryan here yet again! 👋🏼

Today I take a trip out to Truburger to try one of their burgers! This place has a pretty good reputation so I wanted to give it a shot! Check out my experience in the video above!

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Man....I'm watching this at almost 10pm at night. hahaha

Now I feel like going for some burgers.

That thing is massive. Looks good though, totally agree not worth $15 haha. You guys gotta make your own, they taste wayyyy better, and wayyyy cheaper.

i've been getting the 2 chicken sandwiches from Wendy's for $4.99 :)

Is it wrong that I want a hamburger for breakfast now? Honestly man, if you ever come to the UK, all of the burgers cost that much, it’s soul destroying. Even Five Guys here is expensive!

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