⚡ Hearthstone Deck Tutorial: Troll Warlock - The most random deck in the game ⚡

2년 전

Welcome on this beautiful day ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)👊

I wanted to present you one of my favorite deck.
This is a deck for Warlock i call him "TROLL WARLOCK" , it's funny and hard to predict.
This is probably the most random deck in the game and for me most fun to play with.
I invite you to watch ツ
I hope you try this becouse worth ❣
See you, peace ☮

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That's nice deck @dirapa
How about Steemmonster gameplay?, Can you make some tutorial with it?

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Hello 👊 @calprut
Thank you bro <3
I dont play in Steemmonster becouse i have already too much games to play and to break meta ^^
Maybe in future :)
Greetings ☮

Hey mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nice video


Ty bro ❣