DTube Philosophy - The Golden Rule

3년 전

Hey DTube It's Your Blockchain Wolf Cartel

The reason for this rule being so important is that we all live as a part of a community. Whether you want to be a lone wolf or an outcast you still need to interact with people. If you don't consider the importance of this rule, consider this: how would you like to farm your own food, make your own electronics and program your own software?

Quite counter-productive huh?

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@cartel, Yes, most importantly as you said we have to strive hard to make this world an Better place so Steem Economy is also an aspect of world and wherever we are, we have to share the positive vibes because in that way we share value and value is most important aspect because value holds the positive energy.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Thanks for the positivity. I always say the best path to fulfilment is that of generating real value for other people. Steem is helping empower that for sure! 😁

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Welcome and that's true. Have a great time ahead. 🙂

Truly, we interact everyday. There is not a single day in our life which we don't.

And definitely it is important here as well :)

Thank you for sharing this. I enjoyed watching your video. Have a great day!


We always make a difference in any room we enter, cheers!

Anyone can be a lonely wolf, but in dtube noone can be because we are in a system where we have to help each other.

You did it so well bro :D


Thank you, we definitely have to be the curators and community leaders dtube needs.