DTubeSnapQ #1 - Have you ever had any kitchen fails?

3년 전

Hey there friends,

It's good to be back after a short hiatus, it only means there's more to life outside this screen and things have been busy, busy and more busy in the business of growing together with my two little humans!

This is my first DTubeSnapQ and while Steem price is going crazyyyyy, hope is a higher truth and what better way to tap into that higher truth by doing the hard stuff and continue producing great contents?

I'm sure there are many of you who love to cook, I personally love to eat more! 😂😂😂 I am honestly better at that, hah! BUT, I am also passionate about making food, especially simple and quick ones that my little children can eat.

Yesterday I have experimented with something that I have not personally done before. Believe it or not but I have not actually made a traditional pancake before! I love pancakes, but in our house our pancakes are flat and not fluffy lol

So I had some leftover steamed purple Japanese potatoes and I was contemplating of making something out of it so that even my 9 month young baby could enjoy, and voila pancakes it is. I've never had eggs in my mixes before so I thought I'd try it this time.

Added mashed potatoes, an egg, baking soda (okay I am starting to sound crazy lol), two tbsp of milk kefir, VCO, a cup of flour, some water and off the batter went into the pan.

I can't begin to tell you how the pancakes turned into a shade of green instead of the purple of the potatoes, but they did. They didn't taste weird, but I quickly realised that I did not put enough mashed potatoes because the pancakes were bland. It would have been okay for the baby since they did have a hint of sweet potatoes aftertaste.

How I saved it? Sweet lovely raw flower honey of course! Can't go wrong with honey, no? 😁

I still wonder what caused the pancakes to turn into little Hulks 😂 Any idea?

Have you had any funny kitchen fails? How did you deal with the aftermath? Did you manage to save the dish or fed them to the bin?

Tell me!


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Still looks good to me. Looks like 'pandan' pancake instead. So now we know purple potatoes will turn Hulk if mixed with other ingredients. Lol.

I have failed in my pumpkin kuih. It became softer than it should be. So how I rectify it. I put into fridge overnight and pan fried it the next day to create the crusty later. So I 'sugarcoat' the mistake with the crusty skin layer outside. And hubby said superb and I was giggling behind. Haha

Great job for your first DtubeSnapQ.

Today I learn a new word from Pampanga culture from Philippine called Alitaptap, it means fireflies. This makes me think of Ali. Haha. I was joining @quatro in her art prompt Christmas Countdown hence the word prompt.

You have a great weekend.


I actually tried making a new batch today with only the mashed potatoes, flour, VCO and water and it turned out purple and nice! I really wonder what and which ingredient made them turn into Hulks 😂 ooohh, do share the recipe if how you make the pumpkin kueh, I'd loveeee to make some too!! 😍 we love pumpkin, it's so versatile! Salted fish stir fried pumpkin, dried shrimp stir fried pumpkin, pumpkin fried eggs, soup, pumpkin pancakes, cakes, pie, oh my!!! 😂

Alitaptap, she does flicker like a cute little firefly doesn't she, lol I can't wait for Christmas!! ❤ have a great weekend, too! Happy Thanksgiving, thankful for you!

Many beautiful and important questions have been presented to you that if we have failed in the kitchen, then every person can not learn anything in the kitchen.

If they do not fail, they can not understand the joy of Saxas. If he fails, he will not be thinking about the next time. So I think that those of us who have mothers and sisters have never failed or sometimes failed If I talk about cooking and if I say I am a male boy, I always cook myself because I have to cook myself for the country outside. I have seen many times that I have failed. I do not like cooking any time. I think I Not so much as failed because I enjoyed cooking a lot of beautiful homes. It's your beautiful question


Thanks a lot brother, I think many of us learn how to cook for ourselves when we are away from home, that's for sure. It's always a great skill to have! It takes a lot of patience and determination to cook for ourselves and our loved ones, and like many other skills in life, practice makes perfect :) thanks for dropping by!!

Oh @alimamastory! I think we all have a fair share of kitchen mishaps! Haha. The worst I can remember was when the salt grinder's lid fell open and spilled an ocean full of salt into my fried rice. Nope, there was no saving to that dish. 😢

@alimamastory welcome to the club. I just had my not very nice dish yesterday. I was trying to make a cauliflower manchurian but alter the recipe.

Those pancakes looks good to me though and yes with honey. Delish!


Aww mama, I'm sure you'll get it right soon!! I remember @happycrazycon made some cauliflower Manchurian sometime ago, maybe you can ask her for some tips! And happy belated birthday to you, Michael is a beautiful boy!

I know that I have had some cooking fails but nothing special comes to mind. I try not to cook if I can help it.

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Where do I start? I’ve had my fair share but nothing is coming to mind right now.... gahhhh
Looked Ally wanted some hulk action too😊

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Yup, I too just started with dtubesnapq and I have to say it's awesome.

You can check my post of dtubesnapq on my profile just uploaded 2 hours before :)


Haha alright, will check yours out soon! Thanks for dropping by :)


I have had my fair share of kitchen fails too! And I am sure I will have more eventually, BUT we will definitely grow out of it HAHAHAAAA

I once cooked something with the skin still on the fruit. It was papaya and I was trying to make the fish soup. It was so bitter I was so sad I had to chuck it 😭
Same thing happened to pancakes that I added too much bicarbonate soda.. bitterness really threw me off! 😢 at least yours tasted only plain and you can add some spread on it hehe

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They do look pretty nice by the way and I am not that good at cooking but at the best in making noodles I am good and yeah at the start I used to mess up the whole kitchen for this stuff but yeah I am quite great at this right now ;)

I am actually still not that great at making pancakes! They usually taste good, but I have a hard time finding the right temperature to get them to cook well. Failure is sometimes the best way to learn, though! I think my biggest kitchen fail was when I first moved out on my own after college. I was trying to make this mushroom pasta cooked in red wine and had to call my mom 3 times while making it. First I couldn't get the wine open, then I sliced my finger so bad cutting the mushrooms that I almost needed to go to the hospital. It was a mess, but thankfully it didn't put me off cooking forever. 😋

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