DUDEIOR - The Winners Are:

2년 전

Hello Everyone,

Thank you to all who participated in the DUDEIOR Contest!

The models, photographers, judges and also those who helped create a very meaningful prize pool...

The entries were amazing and the entire contest was fun!

@Crimsonclad and @juliakponsford sent me their selections (They had differences and I had to do some tie breaking based on how much we all loved all of the entries! Thank you everyone for playing along!

Here we go!

1st Place: @carlgnash - 250 Steem! Congrats, we loved how you stuck to the pose in the original post!


2nd Place: @basilmarples 125 Steem

Just beautiful!

There are 2 prizes for bravest entries at 75 Steem each


Special mention and 25 steem to @dulce160 for having the most tortured looking model!

Honorable Mention and 25 Steem to Swoop, @soundwavesphoton He went in strong but a little over-confident.

Let us not forget Sarge who entered this beauty... No words for this one.. Just soak it in.


Thank you again to those who helped finance the content!

100 Steem from @nealmcspadden
100 Steem from @themarkymark
100 Steem from @adsup
50 Steem from @meesterboom
50 Steem from @carlgnash
50 Steem from @whatsup
27 Steem from @grey580
25 Steem from @elgeko
12 Steem from @justinashby
36 Steem from @tarazkp
25 Steem from @galenkp
20 Steem from @mindtrap
25 Steem from @xpilar
6 Steem from @abdex

I love it when Steemian's come together to make something fun! Thank you everyone!

Sorry about how long it took - the judging was harder than I expected, I mean everyone of them could have won!


Edited to add in all the excitement-I missed a contribution from @galenkp and have added 25 more steem to the top prizes...

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It was my pleasure to enter, truly ;)


No Carl, that's an understatement. You absolutely loved this and would have done it for free 😂


The pleasure was ours, you saucy little minx :P


congratulations Gnashter. One day I will have my revenge..... starts thinking up obscure challenges....

Well done to the winners and all who entered.

@whatsup...You didn't get the steem I transferred to you for the prize pool? Oh well, someone did.


Oh my, I am so sorry! I've edited and added it! I updated the prizes as well.


It was only a small amount...No stress. I was more concerned that the transfer didn't go through which would have meant I buggered it up somehow.

Congrats to all the winners it was very difficult to choose!

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Thank you, @whatsup for the bravery prize and the chance to play!

Congratulations to all who won and bravo to the courageous judges, @Crimsonclad and @juliakponsford, for taking all this in 🤪

Great job to all the participants and coordinators! Very brave and endearing endeavour : ).


Very fun! I'm going to promote it also

I'm so happy to be among the winner 🙌😊. Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement ❣️💞♨️

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Congratulations @carlgnash you killed it! I love the spirit of these guys. Congratulations to all participants and winners, too.

@mattsanthonyit making the list is no surprised to me. He really did well.

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Thanks brother

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This is extreme sport 😂😂😂😭💔

Whoa.. hahahah wdf

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Thank you for holding this contest. I knew I would not be able to compete with the other beauties.

It was a great deal of fun though! Maybe I will find a sexier outfit next time to accentuate my curves.

!giphy drag queen


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Now that is funny!

Oh my this is epic !
1h2r0q.png to all brave (and hilarious) participants 😄

Damn our dudes are HOT! :D Congratz to the men who were brave enough to participate! \o/

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only just saw this!! Haha! thankyou so much, Im honoured to be second! I KNEW that damned Gnashster was too hot this time....


Thank you so much for participating! I loved your entry

Congratulations to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners

Congrats to all the winners!...I would have had such a hard time choosing lol

Lol. Congratulations to the winners. @carlgnash well-done 😂😂

Just soak it in.


hahaha that's awesome, congrats to the winners. It's hard for me to show my sacred body. lol
anyway it was fun...


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it seems interesting to also be able to enter this contest and get a prize, hopefully I can join here

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!giphy LOL

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Woohoo!! This is such an awesome contest!!
Thank you, participants.
Congrats Gnasher!!