The scenery on the eyeball, the Dunhuang on the tip of the tongue

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In his life, Li Bai, who can travel all over the world, is Tang Yi who can go to Southeast Asia. Zheng He who can go to Africa. Go far, look good, eat cool. I have to eat for two weeks after the company’s long vacation. Let’s lose weight and life needs to be unscrupulous. In addition, there is a classmate in the university class who is a Dunhuang person. The university always says how good her hometown is in the dormitory, which makes me really want to see it.

I am a person who is not spicy and unhappy, and many kinds of dishes in Dunhuang, the face is put more, this pepper is really enough, and drooling instantly! Tears and tears, I have a heartfelt piety for food, and I don’t hesitate to tears. Take the Dunhuang to the train station, then take the bus from the CMB terminal and walk 800 meters to get to their home.

Mogao Grottoes + Beef Noodles

In the morning, I got up early with her and ate a bowl of beef noodles in the beef noodle restaurant on the street. When a bowl of steaming Lanzhou beef noodles came up, I felt so excited and finally got the legendary beef noodles. First of all, the beef soup is very delicious, very pure, and the face is very strong. Unlike the rotten rice I have eaten in the Northeast, I feel awesome when I add a little garlic and parsley. Listening to the locals, pulling beef noodles is a very demanding physical and technical activity. Then the face of the strong road, the average person can not pull open. Also added a lot of meat and an egg, the taste is simply delicious.

Response until 9:30 to leave to Mogao Grottoes. Tickets for the Mogao Grottoes are booked in advance on the network, and it seems that only the net can be booked. At the Mogao Grottoes Digital Display Center, you can exchange tickets with your ID card and wait until 9:00 at the door to start checking the ticket to the Digital Display Center. The digital display center is not the location of the Mogao Grottoes. Visitors now watch the two films about the Mogao Grottoes in the Digital Display Center. After about 40 minutes of reading, the digital display center has a unified bus to the Mogao Grottoes. These are included in the Inside the ticket.

The digital display center is about 10 kilometers from the Mogao Grottoes and 20 minutes for the bus. The Mogao Grottoes are now well protected. Each gate has iron gates locked. There are no lights in the caves. Only the tour guides will open the iron gates and be illuminated by flashlights. After checking in the Mogao Grottoes, there will be a tour guide with us. A tour guide will probably bring 20 people. Each person will send a headset. The tour guide will explain in the microphone. We will listen in the earphone. In this way, the damage to the Mogao Grottoes can be avoided by the sound. Many visitors to the Mogao Grottoes also avoid the influence between the groups. Photographs are prohibited in the grottoes.

A tour guide will take visitors into 8 caves, and three caves will enter. The other five caves are randomly introduced by the tour guides, that is, the caves that each tour guide brings are not the same. Many murals in the cave are authentic products more than 1400 years ago, or the colors are very beautiful. Compared with the Mogao Grottoes, the Wei Jin Tomb murals in the Gansu Museum are like children's paintings, huh, huh. The Mogao Grottoes are national treasures. The tour guides brought a Tibetan Buddhist scripture. There were tens of thousands of scrolls and murals in the cave, but it was a pity that it was plundered by foreign invaders.

At noon, across the road, a taxi was called 15 yuan to the Shazhou market. The sand market in the daytime was not very lively. The strips were brought with vegetables. The Dunhuang people called the “strips”. The shop we have eaten, I think it is best. Eaten and affordable is a "home-cooked rice" opposite the west gate of Shazhou Paradise. The dish is economical and delicious. The amount of one plate is enough for two girls to eat, and the taste is quite good. If you like a little bit of acid, it is recommended to order "Spicy West", which is also a special dish of Dunhuang. Many southerners do not understand why the eggplant is fried with tomatoes, but the taste is great.

About 4:30 we set off to Mingsha Mountain. The bus to Mingsha Mountain is taken near the rebounding statue, and 1 yuan goes straight to Mingsha Mountain. Tickets for Mingsha Mountain are booked in Ctrip. When you enter Mingsha Mountain, you will see all the sand hills. It is very exciting for the first time to see the desert. There is a sand cover at the entrance of Mingsha Mountain, which is a shoe cover that covers the shoes to the knee. The rent is 15 yuan. The fat man had already been to Mingshashan the day before, saying that the sand after five o'clock was not hot, so we went in slippers. Entering the desert, the foot is still hot in the sand, it is recommended to rent a sand cover. There are camels on Mingsha Mountain, and I also spent money on it for a while.

In the evening, we climbed up the sand hill together and looked down at the Crescent Moon Spring on the mountain. It was so beautiful.

"Dunhuang Festival" + lamb skewers + apricot skin water

The venue of Dunhuang Festival was more than 4 kilometers away from Dunhuang City. It was very late in the evening. On the evening of the same day, I bought a ticket to see the Dunhuang Festival. When the music of the Dunhuang Festival began to sound around, the lights illuminate the stage, and the whole person has an inexplicable excitement. The music is breathtaking, the dance is exquisite and unrestrained, and the lights are colorful. At this time, I feel the greatness of Dunhuang and have a new understanding of Dunhuang.

In addition to the beautiful love story of the princess and the meditation, what shocked me most was the performance of the iron flower. I saw some fragments on TV before, and I felt that this scene was so beautiful that it was a goose bump.

The iron flower has a profound cultural connotation. This millennium stunt originated from the Lao Leshan Taoist culture. It was an activity held by folk artisans and Lao Leshan Taoists to worship the Taoist ancestor Taishang Laojun. It later evolved into A comprehensive folk tradition celebration ceremony.

At night, drive back to the city for food. Hungry howling, we decided to go to eat a bowl of spiritual barbecue filled with all kinds of spices, Dunhuang has a barbecue street, the old string of mutton mutton skewers most enjoy. Eating such a five-fold mixed dinner will not be gone; with the lonely starry sky, the neon lights in the middle of the house and some old friends screaming, sometimes saying some lines that touch the core of your inner universe, that is, daily life The most beautiful look.

Apricot skin water is a local signature drink in Dunhuang, Gansu. It is made from local Li Guangxing, made from apricot skin. After chilling, it tastes sweet and sour and quenches thirst. It tastes similar to Beijing Sour Plum Soup, but it tastes better. After eating the barbecue, it is so enjoyable to have a cup of sour and sweet apricot skin. Finally, we went to the Shazhou market to visit the night market, bought a camel bone carving and a little raisin, Li Guangxing.

Yadan landform + Yangguan

The Yadan Geopark is a collection of uniquely shaped wind-eroded landforms, such as “yurts”, “camels”, “stone birds”, etc., in a variety of ways. It is like a medieval city. Many famous buildings in the world can find its epitome here, which is very eye-catching.

I heard that after the night fell, the sharp wind screamed like a horrible beast, as if the thousands of beasts were roaring, and it was so creepy that it was named "Devil City", but I didn't want to try it, and time was also Not allowed, I took a few photos and returned.

In the evening, I went back to the city. We went to eat the yellow noodles of the meat. It was a famous dish in Dunhuang. It was called Zhonghua, and the Huangshun Museum in Dunhuang City was the representative of the yellow noodles. In Dunhuang, a word about eating is popular: the dragon meat in the sky, the meat on the ground. In other words, in Dunhuang City on the edge of the desert, it is best to eat meat. Dunhuang yellow noodles are as thin as dragons, long as gold thread, flexible and resistant to pull, soup or add vegetables, scent overflow. The process of making yellow noodles is extremely demanding and the operation is very difficult. The yellow noodles of the clam meat are appetizing and greasy, and the heat is relieved and the appetite is greatly increased. It is said that there are vivid scenes of making yellow faces on the murals of Cave 156 in Mogao Grottoes, which shows that it has a long history.

Bun fritters + grapes + Dunhuang stuffed leather

Recommended folk features here, start early. The usual soy milk fritters for breakfast will not be mentioned first. Here I will talk about the special features here. I recommend pancakes. Dunhuang's pancakes are not like the Shandong pancakes. The key is thin, the taste is slightly sweet, soft and delicious, and the face is particularly strong.

The best time for Dunhuang travel is I think it is June-August, but the best month is the end of August. At the end of August, the climate was not hot or cold, and the fruits and fruits were ripe. At this time, Dunhuang is undoubtedly the best time for all foodies. Grapes, watermelons, cantaloupe, peaches... fruits are much cheaper than the outside, and they are very sweet.

At noon, my classmates and I came to an orchard in their relatives' home. There were grapes, jujubes, and corn. The quality of the red wines produced in Dunhuang was very good. I also ate grapes under the grape racks. The juice is not only sweet but also much. Dunhuang's corn is also worth trying. Unlike many southern corns that are cooked, sugar is added. The corn here is really sweet, pure natural sweet corn, but it is best in June and August.

At night, we went to a small shop near his home to eat the stuffed skin. It tastes so good, it is sweet in the acid, it is spicy in the sweet, and the taste is also very good. The beef tendon is especially strong, flexible and refreshing. The big bowl is only 6 yuan.

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