The fight between a .02% vs. 03% market share ๐Ÿ˜‚


This drama is fantastic ! It's like if Ooreo's and Orreo's had a death match to seize control of the biscuit eating sector of a village somewhere in a jungle that has a 7-11 and that local store..

Honestly, financially speaking within the borders of this blockchain war how many lives have been impacted? The typical user was already not able to buy bread from their earnings so getting involved or having an opinion is pretty ridiculous, especially considering the preschool petulance being exhibited..

The only opinion that should matter is that the world at large doesn't even know or care what's going on here. And the infinitesimal world of blockchain aficionados already knew dpos would purge itself in time..

I don't like anyone that has any sway on either side of this shitshow and you shouldn't either.. Not telling you what to do but the days of pandering are long gone.. If I had to choose just based on potential financial perks for me a guy that only knows how to dump steem for btc without using kyc on binance the winner is steem. Not to mention Asia has a huge untapped market. Since I was never here for the money I'll continue to ramble on steem and enjoy having a place to say shit fuck cunt sucker without being told that's against community standards..great place to put pictures of my Wang too

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