0x The new platform were writer reader both earn without investment


The new reward system that combination of Medium, Steem, and Bounty and also thy pay very simply by the ads and brave browser revenue. you don't have to invest anything.

Screenshot 12.png

In this post, we discuss publish0x.com and how we can start earning free tokens.

Easy signup

As you see picture blow you just fill 3 lines to start. or just use facebook or twitter.
(but I recommend using your email)
Screenshot 14.png

After 0x send you confirming email to your email address after confirmed email go log in on publish0x.com.

Give and keep tips
now you can browse any article and give tip as like.
Screenshot 15.png

it's up to you how much you want to keep and how much you want to give write you can give write 20% to 100% and you keep 0% to 80%.

Site and system still a beta version so that not 100% on blockchain but they are still working on the system you can see the change on the page and off page time to time.

Overall review

The concept of a site not very unique but simple that's I like and like Medium you don't have to pay for good articles even you earn something.


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