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The Paidverts is the leading advertising platform which shares it huge revenue between their users. it is a revolutionary paid per click concept that allows users to get highly paid than the other websites, their daily earning per user is so much higher as compared to other Ptc websites and normally users earn easily 10$ a day like me..

Step By Step instructions to earn money:

  1. PaidVerts pays you to interact with advertisers:

daily they provide paid ads in your account and you have to do is only visit them for 30 seconds to get your instant cash payment.

  1. Earn more and more with Bonus Ad Points.

Bonus ad points are the points which gives larger value ads on the priority bases.

  1. A Recycler Pro option:

In paidverts users are allow to click on the ads between 18 hours, otherwise they automatically recycled to another persons account. so purchase this recycle pro option in just 0.05$ to gain priority to get these ads.

Ads Types:


  1. investment strategy as a starter :

In starting click all the ads small and large including adctivation ads and keep in mind that your BAP is very important so dont waste it by recycling ads, so after that when you get 100 BAP then get extra 2x micro ads pack in which 12 paid ads which have contain ads with the value of 0.005$ to 1$.

  1. Investment strategy as a investor:

In short if you buy ad pack of 1$ in return you get 1.55$ and if you invest higher than you get higher number of bonus ad points and earn more and more money.

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