Earn by testing apps and websites Part-3

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I have shared two websites in my old blogs which hire people to test  websites,mobile application etc to find bugs and earn money. You can  read those article here:

                 Earn by testing apps and websites with proof.   

                 Earn by testing apps and websites Part-2 

Today I am going to share the website similar to the above website where you can earn by testing websites and applications. 


This is a completely bug-finding and software testing site where full-time testers from the United States and other countries make anywhere from $ 1,000- $ 10,000 per month. This is a screenshot of recent projects to be posted .   

                                  Image source

  • Requirements- Any connected device like mobile,smart tv,laptop etc.
  • What do you have to do? – You have to find bugs in  the applications.
  • Is there a qualification test? -  No. But in order to be invited for the paid projects, you have to      apply on an unpaid project  to shows your ability to find bugs.  
  • Payment –  There is no fixed payment. It  all depend on the projects. The full time top workers from USA and  other countries makes $1000-$10,000 per month. Payment is  made through Paypal and Payoneer twice a month.  
  • Where to sign up? Sign up Here
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its not related cyptocurrency?


no its not related to cryptocurrency.

Good information,

Need to share with my unemployment friends.

This will be useful.


yes definitely share with them.

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Testing requires technical knowledge or not ?


No testing knowledge, you have to report bugs which you face as a user

@meet75 good platform he bhai earning karne ka...


yes true.

how much they will give us


depend upon projects you applied and got selected.

Seems these ideas are meant only for tech savvy persons.


No anyone can do these projects.

ohh it best for app developer's


It is not a professional testing , it just bugs you face while using their products.


okay ..!1 its like that


Bro do you know What are the requirements for making Paypal account in India?


Yes , user must have pan card, bank account with visa or master cards

good information bro is there any free software​ for this purpose?


It depends upon project to project, mostly no professional software needed.

interesting site. I will try this.


definitely try this.

I m gonna try this


yeah sure.

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bro i will upvote and comment on your each and every posts if u do the same to me if u interested plss comment on my recent post

such a informative blog, but may be testing require a good level of technical knowledge or a simple level is enough?


only simple level.

Is it working bro?


yes its working.

Its paying or not ?


yes it is paying , you can check the reviews.

nice job

I will try then thus app


yes sure.

Looking nice websites to earn will give a try to this


definitely try it.

everything will be replace with Dapps

little bit good because i am not that much good to find bug in any thing


its easy , atleast try it.

I am currently earning with uTest


oh great ,on which projects have you worked?

i will try this..


yeah sure.

Will text this sites someday


yes try it.

Will try it for sure


good luck for that.

Nice earning tips.



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