How to get paid for browsing with Brave and Presearch

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How to get paid for browsing with Brave and PreSearch

Brave's browser is arguably the best on the market, for so many reasons we'll explain soon.

And Presearch is a clever tool that improves your privacy and pays you for every time you Google (or search).

So let's dive in to how and why you want to use these:

Brave Browser

 Brave is the new Firefox (which replaced Internet Explorer by being better). It's faster, more private, blocks ads and trackers, and most importantly, allows you to earn money if you opt-in to see ads.

You get paid 70% of what advertisers pay to reach you for each ad you allow them to show you, from 0 to up to 5 an hour according to your settings. You could also choose to never see ads and simply go without being rewarded. The browser itself still has many features that would tempt you to switch from Chrome/Firefox/Opera/etc.

Among the features:

  • Fastest browser on the market for PC/Mac/Mobile
  • Built-in ad-blocking, privacy, and security
  • Works with all Chrome extensions, allows import of all settings/bookmarks/passwords
  • Allows you to opt-in to see ads, and get paid 70% of what the advertisers pay to reach you
  • Tor browser and torrent handler
  • And just about any feature you could want. All free.

 Brave is on a mission to be the best browser on the market. The fastest, safest, most feature-packed, and rewarding.

Simply visit and download their browser for your device, import your settings from your current browser, and follow the steps to set-up your rewards wallet.

You are paid in their BAT token, but even if you are unfamiliar, selling it is easy. In fact, Coinbase's Earn program will pay you $10 to learn about and install Brave. On their exchange, and many others, it is an easy process to sell BAT for $. If you find yourself struggling with this when you're ready to cash-out, just leave a comment on our post, we'll help you!

 The value of the BAT token fluctuates as it is actively traded on the markets. Currently, it seems you earn a few cents per ad you view. If the price of BAT goes up before you cash out, the reward for each ad you saw could end up being worth more by the time you sell.


 PreSearch is a search engine that protects your privacy and pays you for every search you perform using ANY search engine, even Google!

You either set it as your homepage, or use the browser extension (works with Brave, Chrome, etc.) to make it your default and start getting paid for every search you perform. We also advise selecting 'Dsearch', their own search engine, your default choice when choosing what search engine to use with Presearch, instead of selecting Google.

Use this link for a bonus 25 PRE after you earn 100 PRE by searching.

Each search earns you .50 PRE tokens, so after roughly 200 searches you get your bonus. They add up fast, you probably Google more than you realize.

The value of PRE fluctuates, as it is actively traded on the market. Earlier this year the price of PRE reached $.10 per token, making each search worth about $.05.

The cash-out minimum is 1000 PRE, so after about 1,925 searches you will have enough tokens to redeem/sell. 

And again, if your concern is being non-crypto savvy and find yourself having difficulty when it is time to cash-out, just leave a comment on our Facebook page.


 Using either of the products above will earn you money for things you already do online every day.

Using both will ensure you are the one getting paid for your searches and browsing, instead of Google collecting your data and selling it without your permission and paying you nothing while bombarding you with ads.

 And both products are so good you won't miss the old ones, they're in fact compatible with everything Google/Chrome.

 You will continue browsing, searching, and viewing the occasional ad, but now the choice of whether you get paid for doing so, is entirely up to you.

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