When the human home is destroyed!

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"At first, no one cared about the disaster. It was just a fire, a drought, an extinction of a species, the disappearance of a city. Until this disaster is relevant to everyone. "

Beginning in 2020, the world was shrouded in gloom.
NASA's Earth Observation Satellite has previously released two images of Antarctica.


Only nine days apart, visible to the naked eye, the island's snow has been widely melted.

Moreover, the largest glaciers are beginning to break apart.

Krill is reduced due to higher sea temperatures.

Penguins have difficulty foraging and are facing a huge survival test.

The Arctic is not too healthy, and NASA estimates that the Arctic summer is likely to be ice-free by 2050.

Large tracts of arctic permafrost have also begun to melt.

And under these permafrost, there are countless methane and other harmful substances and unknown viruses.

If these harmful substances and unknown viruses are released, the consequences will be unimaginable.


Some time ago, while many countries were fighting the new coronavirus, Southeast Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean were experiencing the worst dengue outbreak in decades.

Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and other countries are affected to varying degrees.

In Indonesia alone, 41,000 people have been infected and 260 have died.

The total number of people infected in all countries is currently estimated at 100,000.

At the beginning of 2020, even the Paraguayan president and his wife were unfortunatee to get infected with the virus...

This year's dengue outbreak is unusually severe.

This is inextricably linked to climate change!

Global warming is now getting worse, which provides a good breeding ground for the dengue virus.

The extreme weather that followed was different from all over the world:


Several southern U.S. states have been hit by tornadoes. The city suffered heavy losses.


Red River City, Yunnan Province, China, fell like an egg-sized hail, doors, windows, vehicles and other items have been smashed ...


Puerto Rico was hit by its strongest earthquake in 102 years. (The stone arch of the famous local attraction collapsed in the earthquake)

Hugo, the French writer, once said, "Nature is a good mother and a cold butcher." "

Never assume that the nature that breeds all things can accommodate human atrocities again and again.

As long as nature "moves its fingers", it can easily take human life.

Unfortunately, humans are always not impressed.

A wildfire in Australia has burned for nearly half a year.

People's attitude is almost at first. Watching 11.2 million hectares of land turn into scorched earth, 1 billion animals died.

Humans always do, good scars, forget the pain.

You think, you ignore, just a mountain fire, an animal, a forest, a sea ...

But do not know, you are destroying yourself, yourself!

"The world will show its infinite vitality before us only if we have awe of life and nature. "

Work together!

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Nature shapes human beings, but they are destroyed by them.