The sea and the mainland: an astonishing truth

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For about 25 years, researchers have discovered a numerical reality that the Holy Qur'an has quoted with prodigious precision, and that concerning the proportion of the sea (containing ocean, sea, lake, ...) compared to the mainland (the mainland) I received several requests questioning me on the validity of the fact. I decided then to count again the number of times that the words "sea" and "dry land" (or the earth) are repeated in the entire Koran.

The word "sea" is quoted in the Koran, singular, in 32 verses.

And the word "dry land" is singled out in 12 verses, in addition to another verse where it is mentioned in the form of "dry passage" [1] which means the same thing, and so the total is from 13.

To summarize;

· The number of Quranic verses in which the word "sea" is quoted is 32.

· The number of Qur'anic verses in which the word "firm land" is quoted is 13.

· The total number of verses of the Holy Qur'an in which the words "sea" and "firm land" are quoted is: 32 + 13 = 45 verses.

Le mers et les océans occupent 71 % de la surface de la planète terre

And by a simple calculation of proportionality of each of these two elements; if we want to calculate how much represents the word "sea" in all 45 verses; we must divide the number of repetitions of this word (32) out of the total that is 45: The percentage will be as follows:

32 ÷ 45 = 71%

And the proportion of verses containing the word "Earth" (13) in relation to the total number of verses (45) gives:

13 ÷ 45 = 29%

Let's recap;

The result is as follows: the proportion of the sea and the continent (the mainland) in the Koran is 71% and 29% successively.

And if we visit the website of the administration of aeronautics and space (NASA), we discover that they quote the same percentages; 71% for the seas and 29% for the continents (mainland). [2]

This surprising concordance, even miraculous, testifies that God, the Almighty, has clarified everything in the Holy Quran, He says: "And We have sent down on you the Book, as an explicit statement of all things, as well as a guide, a grace and a good announcement to the Muslims. [Bees (An-Nahl); verse 89]

By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel

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