Win Steemit Upvotes For Life with a Free Membership to Steembasicincome + LINKS TO OTHER CONTESTS AWARDING MANY OTHER EXCELLENT PRIZES!

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The future of Steem/Steemit is quite good as I am witness weekly by the people that are joining this contest over the past few weeks! The field in the past contest was incredible, I continue to get blown away by the caliber of posts being put out by the newbies and the varied interests you all bring to the table.


I would like to mention special thanks for @markkennard, @davemccoy, @josephsavage @simplymike and @royaleagle for their wonderful efforts in in helping see that so many contestants received upvotes! These great people have yet to cease to amaze me. Thanks Joe for the monumental task of keeping with your growing leviathan (a good leviathan though) @steembasicincome!

Very simply, upvote this post, re-steem this post, and include a link in comment section of your most recent post

The scoring is very subjective, weighing post quality as objective number one. Right behind that is interactivity with others in the contest and on their posts.

I am getting other users on steem to visit this contest to get you (the contestant) upvotes as much as possible from bots as well that I and others pay for. So the effort in joining is worth your while and you get me chat and meet up with others as this is really geared toward the newbie on the platform, as I am invite anyone to participate, but am especially happy the newest members to the platform participate!

(((Get upvoted between 0.04-0.06 as of right now!)))
I am offering you a one time SIGNING BONUS of $0.10(steemdollars) to those that join my curation trail cryptkeeper17 on steemauto, plus ongoing upvotes as well, that would be separate from any other upvoting services. It's very wise to newbies to join this as this where the vast majority of my upvotes are cast along with many others that give you a very nice base of upvotes on (up to) one of your posts daily (((as mentioned between 0.04-0.06 value as of right now!)))
I pay the bonus out to you when you message me that you have joined the curation trail on steemauto and your voting power has reached 100%. If you have any questions message me on discord [cryptkeeper17] or check my link mentioned above I would happy to explain them.


Excellent chance for newbies to win some serious prizes, like a steembasicincome membeship, given out daily by my good friend and Stemit rising star @terminallyill !

Great chance for newbies and steem vets to win a basicincome membership! Take part--highly recommended!

Absolute no brainer for newbies to join--massive amounts of contestants likely most on steemit with a week...

Heck of a contest also no brainer to enter @royaleagle contest, check this out!

Very nice contest held by @rexusmo to get newbie winner minnowupvotes, be sure to find today's daily contest!

Amazing highly successful posting series placed by @simplymike getting the word out on newbies LIKE YOU!

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Will you let me give a plug for my contest that is very similar to this? Everyone that enters gets a % of the SBDs from post payout.



Wow this is awesome! Anyone that is in this in my contest and doesn't also participate in that is making a real


Thanks for putting up the contest again, @royaleagle


Every week as long as I am active on steemit; I will hold a weekly contest. I get to read some cool things and help people get exposure :)


I’ll be joining the contest after I’ve got rid of the comment upvote bot that has been following me around :0)


Thanx royaleague:)


Thanks so much @royaleagle
You have really made contributed in changing my life as a newbie here in Steemit by putting up a contest that will boost once high quality content creation and again recreasing the chance and becoming recognized in a platform like Steemit ... You have actually done a great job... And I thank both you and cryptkeeper17 for changing my statues here in Steemit.. much love from me


Just read your article @pendul very interesting. I think everyone participating in this contest should check it out. I haven’t seen that kind of thing before. It’s got a bit of a twist compared to other similar projects


Interesting article, @pendul. Thanks for the info.
I resteemed your article as one of the top newbie posts in my #newbieresteemday - week


Cool article @pendul
The most crazy thing I think I got there is that one can use Kora without internet or smart phone ..
Sounds crazy but cool ..!! Wih this one can get to enjoy the good stuffs of technology and digital Life style... So happy technology is advancing everyday... Really makes life easier..
Nice post.. really love it

Hi @cryptkeeper17 how’s things? My latest post promotes a contest being run by @terminallyill. Here’s the link
As you are aware, I like to help others


I just saw that, I am individually messaging my contestants to get in! Thanks a ton it's greatly appreciated sir! Let me know if there is anything I can do to be helpful. Keep up the great work @markkennard great to hear to hear from you!


I’m just promoting that contest for @terminallyill. It’s his contest. I’m just helping out by spreading the word. Thanks for your help in getting it out there


The contest by @terminallyill is really worth joining. Thanks, @markennard, for giving it a shoutout here!


No problem @simplymike and if I can ever help you then please let me know


Thanks so much @simplymike.. you have done a great job purring up a contest that will change the life of newbies like us ... Don't know how to thank you guys for your great work .. I really appreciate and I will contribute in everything that will help in life of those of the newbies .. thank again


The biggest favour you could do us, yourself and other newcomers is by paying it forward, sharing what you learn along tve way and help others to get ln their feet here on SteemIt :0)


I agree totally with what you say in your post @chariss. Ladies fighting over men is certainly not a good look and if I was the man they were fighting over it would be a huge turnoff and I’d be running in the other direction

Hi cryptkeeper17!Thanx for the contest.Here is linkto my most recent (and very first) post.


Welcome to the community. A great good quality post. It seems you have got the hang of things pretty quickly. Well done Mandy!


Welcome to Steemit dear...
Here we are like families ... We grow together we stand together ... We support an promote Steemit by telling people about the wonderful things installed on this platform... I bet you will love it more here.. am again I love your intro.. very post a great high quality content display... Nice one ... Once again welcome to our world

Cool contest idea. Considering how hard it is for people to find content by new users, the fact that the other contestants can see our posts is already a nice help in itself.

Upvoted and resteemed. My latest article is:

Upvoted, resteemed and here's a link

Hi @cryptkeeper17 ! I am very new here in Steemit and still learning a lot. Here's a link to my first and only post for now:

I got my fingers and toes crossed for this contest!

Am really really interested in all your contest you have got..
Am a Newbie and I have been a around in Steemit for a while... I have great quality writings on Histories, but seems I have less upvote after all my amazing and high quality content... Am also a graphics designer and I love art to... So with this features in me, I know what it takes to make something someone will be amazed..
I will give all my best to promote Steemit ... And I will get involved in anytime that will boost my level on Steemit by producing high quality content that has values and are informative too...
Thanks so much for this post... I believe here is my Beginning of a new Boom on Steemit..
Thank you so much for everything ...
I am really interested in all the content you have ... And I have followed you for more of your Updates

Good morning @cryptkeeper! Thanks for the opportunity to share some of my writing. I am part of the freewrite community hosted by @mariannewest and thank you for all you are doing for Steemit!
Resteemed & upvoted.

Great, resteemed! I love that you have links to some of the other contests at the bottom.

You are also welcome to include our new banner at the bottom of your contest posts!

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Thank yippy you for allowing me to participate in the contest and for the surprise win! I wasn't expecting this and I appreciate all that you are doing here for newbies! hugs!

Did you get mine and was it valid?

Dear all, i am in for the competition and this is the link to my post right here

Am I too late? I have a doozy of a story ALL FACTS #ProjectTransistor