Easydex-finder commission

3년 전

Are you Good at Finding Things?

Easydex is offering a referral commission if you find a token who wants to list on the EasyDex Exchange.

You will get up to 0.2 BTC finders fee for every token that ends up listing on the exchange, which is 10% of the listing fee (2 BTC).


How To Find Potential Tokens

Let’s look at a way that you might go about this…

  1. Go to your favorite search engine and type in a search term like “upcoming ICO token launch” or even search terms to find existing launches looking to get a wider acceptance and more recognition.

  2. Take a look through some of the ICOs or tokens listed there and read their whitepapers and see if the projects are interesting to you and you see good potential.

  3. Take a look on the token website and write down the names of the people behind the tokens.

  4. Search the names and see if you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin and other similar sources.

  5. Contact them and let them know about EasyDex and the benefits of listing their token on it (like a competent team, one of cheapest listing fees, more exposure etc).

  6. Collect your Finders Fee when one or more gets registered. :)

  7. The listing form can be found here: https://easydex.net/listing/


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