Easydex-MeMe-Challenge-PinkDexDay-The Contest # 3 NEW YORK

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Image Source; @boyerobert Creative Director @johnskotts

Dear PinkSteemians,

Hope your having a Pinkallicious time on Steemit…Welcome!!! To the Third, EasyDex-MeMe-Challenge-PinkDexDay-The Contest # 3 In NEW YORK Yes EasyDex Started There PINK WODRL TOUR


Contest; Rules

  1. MUST USE EASYDEX PINKDEXDAY MEME CHALLENGE # 3 image A Must as My Post Image Above…(HEADER MUST READ) EasyDex PinkDexDay in NEW YORK # 3

Steps to MeMe Challenge;

  1. Use; Starting TEXT Below Under Image of Your post…Copy and Paste


Creating a faster, more intuitive interface, to provide excellent customer service. With a active fiat/bridge build on Bitshares Platform, https://bitshares.org and have some really cool benefits with, Crypto Gateways!!! Allowing you to set your own miner fee for withdrawals of relevant assets without charging any other deposit or withdrawal fee and instantly providing the txid of the withdrawal, so you can track the transaction while you're waiting for it to confirm.

With a active fiat/bridge build on Bitshares Platform,


Portfolio Builder Tokens (EASYDEX.PB on the DEX) were designed for investors who want to maintain an ever-expanding portfolio of a variety of crypto tokens. Holders of EasyDex Portfolio Builder Tokens receive regular share drops of all of the Crypto assets for which EasyDex runs bridge services…

(EASYDEX.PB on the DEX) were designed for investors

EasyDex Portfolio Builder

  1. PBToken Contribution
  2. Hodl one asset; PBToken
  3. 50% of market fees gained, divided by contribution, to each Hodler.
  4. List of gateways on exchange;

Bitcoin-Litecoin-Steem-SBD-Golos-Golos Gold-Eos-Bitcoin Cash-Z-Cash-Dash-Monero

  1. 100,000PBTOKEN for rewards;
    A. 500 tokens per day, distribution (depending on each contribution)
    B. 1000 PBTOKEN per day, (after the first week)
    C. 2000 PBTOKEN per day, (after 3 weeks) until all tokens distributed.
    D. Final day 1000 more PBTOKEN WILL ALSO BE INCLUDED, as a added gesture of appreciation.

BTC Gate is open,


Link; Easydex Wallet Register,
EasyDex Information Below.
Telegram: https://t.me/easydex.
Discord: https://discord.gg/JPva8DS.
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/EasyDex/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EasyDexOfficial
Source; Bitcointalk/by/@johnskotts https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2683780.0



  1. MeMe Image in PinK
  2. EasyDex on MeMe Image
  3. Up-Vote and Re-Steem this Post
  4. Use tags EasyDex, PBtoken, PinkDexDay, BitShares, Contest
  5. Link Your Post with BitShare ID to Comments
  6. Contest will end on this post pay out, or Rollover for Bonus


1st place. 15 PBtoken
2nd place. 10 PBtoken
3rd place. 5 PBtoken

Attache Link to my Post.
Finally Finished…!!!…PinkTastic


And a really Special Pink Thank You to a really Pink P, this all started Pinkuase of his Passion with EasyDex, @prfm Thank You Brother, as well he’s running a Slogan Contest, LINK Below, Can join two contest in one…add slogan to his contest, and use on your MEME, if you win 1st prize in Both, EXTRA Bonus will be added.
just for you @prfm

if you win 1st prize in Both, EXTRA Bonus will be added.

Thank you

Image Source; @boyerobert

Fine Print/ Dis-Claimer
PinkDexDay- Isn't about making fun of any person, entities, or organizations, it’s clearly about having some fun, In a unfunny WORDL, EasyDex’s team is always available to provide knowledge and awareness, to the Blockchain Sphere for all… In a very Serious and Professional manner, with a Twist of Pink…The Team’s Vision is very clear, Serious, and Dedicated to making this happen…We’re just being EasyDexing, expressing the (DEX), PBToken to the WORDL, The Easydex Exchange…Dedicated to Educating a movement to heal/cure the WORDL(HODL)…and takes full Responsibility for the PINK

1ST PINK REPORT EasyDex-PinkDexDay, Introducing “THE PINK REPORT” BlockChain Awareness. #1



Awesome Rendering by @jsf, Pink Coming To A Dex Near You...EASDYDEX

Image Source; @jsf

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Thank you for participating looking good.

This is my entry here

BTS: seyi-odus


@seyiodus happy to see your entry. Really happy. Good luck.


🎁 Dear @resteemerdeluxe,

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Lol...I will make a pink cheetah soon...


hahahahahah XDDD your answer kill me bro


...those were my articles on Bitcointalk, I used? For a MeMe Challenge ( I created for EasyDex, for EasyDex), so the contestant's can copy and paste from me...that exact text...!!!, Is this how cheetah works, because it my first and last one, I prefer them in Pink...Please correct...!!!

  ·  2년 전

you are making contest on that same topic....how creative.... butt! the post looks way better than the last time you did tho! so much pink bling with shiny pika pika images and stuffs :D


PinkDexDay 2.0


I love shades. Thank you for participating.

Thanks for having those sweet rewards bro, you help us power up on some PB tokens :)
Here is my entry, I hope you all enjoy it :P
BTS: samurai-jack


thank you for participating in the challenge


fire it up, thank you for your participation brother...

this is my entry here

Bts: adewale123

Wish you forever pinkdexday


thank you