EasyDex-PinkDexDay, Introducing “THE PINK REPORT” BlockChain Awareness. #1

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Image source; @boyerobert Creative Director; @johnskotts

Fine Print/Dis-Claimer

PinkDexDay- Isn't about making fun of any person, entities, or organizations, it’s clearly about having some fun, In a unfunny WORDL, EasyDex’s team is always available to provide knowledge and awareness, to the Blockchain Sphere for all… In a very Serious and Professional manner, with a Twist of Pink…The Team’s Vision is very clear, Serious, and Dedicated to making this happen…We’re just being EasyDexing, expressing the (DEX), PBToken to the WORDL, The Easydex Exchange…Dedicated to Educating a movement to heal/cure the WORDL(HODL)…and takes full Responsibility for the PINK

image source; @boyerobert

EasyDex-PinkDexDay, Introducing “THE PINK REPORTBlockChain Awareness.

The Pink Report will go to any lengths to share to the WORDL, to adopt cryptocurrency as a means of the new fiat/currency, the new way to a movement, not only to exchange the fiat/profit, but to Exchange the way this funny WORDL keeps a ledger, the, IN’s and OUT’s of this hurt/bleeding system. To give the WORDL a clear vision, picture that the fraud, wars, and hunger must be eliminated. Medicine, education, economy, family, love and life’s beauty; Is important First. It’s a must to adopt this movement for a Cure. To make a path to create Freedom, from-this, prison and that, truly, Freedomexists. There is more to life than just money, don’t get me wrong we need money, as a means of sharing our worth…if there is no other way for you to really contribute to the WORDL, but I won’t go into the whole spectrum of this, I’ll Pink Report on it, post by post, show by show, meme by meme, poem by poem, song by song, painting by painting, game by game, photo by photo, video by video, rap by rap, trade by trade…I’ll quote this:

“What if the Wordl was all you need, meaning, you already had all the money In the Wordl, What Woudl you do Next?”

I Woudl start the Cure. Plus I’d send you all a PBtoken, ( had to plug )

And tonight first PINK REPORT: 1

  • CEX vs DEX

Cryptocurrency exchanges in the sphere today. By now, you’ve probably used at least one altcoin. Or you’re just starting out and you’ve only used Coinbase to buy/sell Bitcoin, or perhaps you’ve tried trading altcoins on Binance? Or you found yourself on Steemit, joined a contest and received some STEEM/SBD. Maybe you landed on a discord server, then won a lottery, or joined a hangout and received some gifted PBtoken, (another shameless plug) Well, if so, you had to get a Bitshares ID to collect your rewards/winnings. Now you find yourself with some cryptocurrency, what's next? You read the “Pink Report” and get “Aware” https://bitshares.org

Exchanges are incredibly important to move/trade cryptocurrencies — after all, they are the process that allows you to buy/sell cryptocurrencies and tokens to each other. Just like most things within the cryptocurrency Wordl, there have been new innovations made with cryptocurrency exchanges within the past two years. The main innovation that this report will focus on is, the creation of decentralized exchanges. like EasyDex, (shameless plug).
More specifically, this Pink Report will provide the following information:

Creation of decentralized exchanges.

  • Decentralized exchanges are?
  • Why decentralized exchanges matter?
  • Four decentralized exchanges that you can use today, EasyDex, (Had to Plug)
  • Limits and downsides of decentralized exchanges.

Decentralized exchanges?

To understand what decentralized exchanges are, it’s very important to first understand what it means for an exchange to be centralized (CEX). A centralized exchange is one in which a central entity figure manage’s a person’s capital and private keys, and facilitates (third party) trading between users.
Centralized exchanges have more volume than decentralized exchanges because:

  • Decentralized exchanges are still new, and so they are still fixing some “growing pains” (which I’ll focus on later). Meanwhile, many centralized exchanges (CEX) have had time to fix their issues.
  • With centralized exchanges it is not necessary to understand what a private key is in order to trade tokens on the centralized exchange, or to send tokens. Decentralized exchanges require users to be aware of MetaMask (were applicable) and private keys, as well.

Examples of popular centralized exchanges include Coinbase, Binance, and Poloniex. And many more of course.
A decentralized exchange (DEX), on the other hand, provides users with the ability to move/trade cryptocurrency on a distributed ledger — all while allowing the (CEX) to control their private keys and funds. There is no middleman/intermediary, and the smart contracts for the (DEX) are open source so they can be reviewed and verified. There is not a single or central entity that controls users’ funds. This puts the power back into the hands of the users of the exchange, not the owners of the (DEX).
Examples of decentralized exchanges include OpenLedger, Rudex, Bitshares and EasyDex and of course many more (DEX’s)

Why are decentralized exchanges important?

Asking yourself, “who cares about decentralized exchanges?” They might appear at first to be making things more complicated, (not Easydex) for users of the exchange, requiring technical knowledge about MetaMask (where applicable), private keys, and so on.
The truth is that decentralized exchanges(DEX) provide a number of significant benefits, not only to the people who create the exchanges but also to the exchange’s users.
One main benefit that decentralized exchanges (DEX) provide to users is removing the need to trust a centralized entity to secure the users’ funds. With a centralized exchange like Binance or Bittrex, users are trusting that:

  • centralized exchanges (CEX) will keep the private keys of their users safe from hackers?
  • centralized exchanges (CEX) will prevent hackers from getting access to users’ accounts by getting their login info?
  • centralized exchanges (CEX) will not exit/ scam (i.e. run away with users’ funds).

With decentralized exchanges (DEX), these concerns do not exist for users. The smart contracts that the decentralized exchanges develop, manage funds for users. Because of this, the companies that created the (DEX) have zero ability to alter users’ tokens in any way. This is great, because I wouldn’t want my PBtoken moved around without my permission.
No need for KYC/AML
Another advantage that decentralized exchanges provide is, there is no need to have verified login information for the exchange (were applicable). This also means that there is zero need for users to go through a KYC/AML process, such as a user submitting their driver’s license or state-issued ID.
Usually, all users need to trade through a (DEX ) is having access to their Ethereum wallet through MetaMask(were applicable) or registration on the (DEX), only. Once they do, they can connect their MetaMask( were applicable) to the (DEX) to start trading and EasyDexing…on the Easydex exchange.
The Ability to invest in the exchange’s success.
Another advantage of decentralized exchanges is that they provide users with the ability to stake their funds in the success of the (DEX) through a token. Many centralized exchanges do not have a token that is connected specifically to the exchange (except for Binance with its BNB token). Plus a few more I hear that are coming around, but until they do, (DEX) is the easiest and fastest path in my personal opinion. Ultimately, the choice is yours. (DYOR)
There are several examples of this, which enables people to stake the token to not only secure the decentralized network, but also earn a share of fees generated by the (DEX). If an investor believes that the (DEX) will get significantly more volume in the future (and thus generate more fees), they have the ability to invest in that success by putting some money into the (DEX/PBToken). Very EasyDex.

stake some money in the success of the (DEX) through a token

Minimal fees

Unlike centralized exchanges (CEX), decentralized exchanges have significantly lower (if not zero) fees to use the (DEX) except for paying for gas/fees. This means that users don’t have to worry about racking up a significant amount of fees when depositing or withdrawing tokens onto the (DEX), or when trading a significant amount during the day.

Protection from hacks/exit scams

Another, advantage that a (DEX) provides is that it removes many of the security worries that users of a centralized exchange might have. For example, a (DEX) does not control a user’s private keys — the users do. And You should, you should only be the one to do this, it is your Money. Nobody else’s.
There is also the possibility that a centralized exchange (CEX) might exit scam — that means that the exchange steals their users’ tokens and shuts down their website.
With a (DEX), there is no Possibility that the owners of the (DEX) can steal their users’ Assets/PBTokens because they do not own the users’ private keys. Let’s assume that a (DEX) (such as EasyDEX) were to suddenly shut down one day and people were no longer able to access the website. Even if this were to occur, users of EasyDEX can still retrieve their tokens because EasyDEX’s smart contract is designed, that users can retrieve their tokens directly from the smart contract. Easy. On top of this, EasyDex has added a even beautiful feature, let’s say you loose, your password. Now how many of us have done that. for one, me. So EasyDex can recovery it, (DEX) is a beautiful innovation from Easydex. Password Recovery, just brilliant. Way to go EasyDex

With a (DEX), there is no Possibility that the owners of the (DEX) can steal their users Assets/PBTokens

Decentralized exchanges you can use today

So now that you’ve learned the benefits of decentralized exchanges, you’re probably wondering about a (DEX) that you can use today to start taking control of your funds while trading. Here are four decentralized exchanges that you can start using today: there are more and more, but to most here at the WhaleShare Blue Report/PinkReport ( huge plug) show, these are the most familiar in this colony…(EOS, coming soon)

WhaleShare Blue Report/PinkReport

  • EasyDex
  • BitShares
  • RuDEX
  • OpenLedger

I will not go into excessive detail about each of these exchanges, well EasyDex a BTS, (that’s for a future Pink Report), note that each of these exchanges have different user experiences, user interfaces, volume, etc. A particular decentralized exchange might be of more use than another exchange if that particular exchange has more volume for a specific token that you want to trade. At least the four I mentioned, you can trade sell/buy work the bridges, to every gate, (according to the DEX’s assets) looks like a lot of—Pink Reporting ahead.

Limits and downsides of decentralized exchanges

So far I’ve explained what a (DEX) is, the advantages that a (DEX) provides, and some decentralized exchanges that you can use today. Well Let’s hope for (OpenLedger), If decentralized exchanges seem incredibly innovative and useful, it’s because they are easy, well easy is coming at EasyDex.
But at this point you might think to yourself, “Decentralized exchanges seem really useful. Why doesn’t everybody use one?”. The truth is that a (DEX) is not a cure, eventually will be, to every single problem for users and creators of an exchange. Although a (DEX) represents a significant advance in exchanges and provides several distinct advantages, it also provides several distinct disadvantages that a centralized exchange (CEX) wouldn’t usually face.

“Decentralized exchanges seem really useful. Why doesn’t everybody use one?”.

So what are the limits/downsides of a (DEX)? I’ll get into each of these points in more detail, but here’s a quick overview:

  • Decentralized exchanges generally have lower volume than centralized exchanges
  • Lack of KYC/AML compliance (EasyDex require’s KYC on all withdrawals, and deposits are up to 5000,00 a month US/EU)**
  • Requires users to understand how to use MetaMask(were applicable) and store their private keys safely
  • Users must trust the smart contract code powering the (DEX)
  • Decentralized exchanges can face growing pains as they are still (relatively) new, welcoming EasyDex here. (Plug).

Decentralized Exchanges generally have lower volume than centralized exchanges do. For examples, please go to CoinMarketCap. Popular centralized exchanges (like Bittrex/GDAX/Poloniex) have a daily trading volume of >$100 million. This is because: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitshares/

  • Decentralized exchanges are newer and so less people know about them,thats why we need more Blue Reports/PINK REPORTS
  • Decentralized exchanges require knowing how to use MetaMask.(NEXT PINK REPORT)
  • UI/UX of a DEX might be more confusing than a centralized exchange, I’m even PINKED here a BTS…of course report coming.

All these factors cause decentralized exchanges to have lower volume. Which requires us to spread more and more awareness here, More Memes, more contest, and of course more Pink Reports. This can lead to some difficulties for users if they’re attempting to trade a specific token that does not have much volume on the (DEX). As a result, users who cannot buy/sell tokens as a result of low volume might be discouraged from using a DEX. But with Ease You can start bridging to other exchanges. EasyDex, Bitshare, Rudex, and OpenLedger.
Lack of KYC/AML Compliance, but as stated as for Easydex are get the process prepared to grow into more of a (DEX), that will be a interesting Pink Report maybe on EasyDex one year Anniversary...

But with Ease You can start bridging to other exchanges. EasyDex, Bitshare, Rudex, and OpenLedger.

As stated before, a (DEX) does not require users to have verified login information in order to trade their tokens. All it requires is connecting the DEX, or to a MetaMask wallet (if applicable). Because of this, users do not need to submit information such as their email, state-issued ID, or driver’s license.
As a result of this lack of a KYC/AML process, decentralized exchanges might face increased scrutiny from regulators. A (DEX) allows a person to trade massive amounts of cryptocurrency anonymously (as long as volume for the (DEX) exists). This could cause decentralized exchanges to become prime targets of hackers and scammers who know their personal information won’t be connected to their trading.

It should be interesting to see the response of the SEC and other regulatory bodies as more people realize that they can use these exchanges completely anonymously.Not completely these are changing for the better of all. Will they require decentralized exchanges to add a KYC/AML process? Or will they allow decentralized exchanges to continue as they are? Only time will tell. (EasyDex require’s KYC on all withdrawals, and deposits are up to 5000,00 a month US/EU)** in time seem so all will follow some regulatory laws. Easydex as based in the European Union, must follow certain regulatory laws, as it should do, no one is saying to be illegal here, all i’m saying is control your funds. I’ll also provide a link to view EasyDex official website, on KYC and AML; https://easydex.net/kyc-and-aml/

(EasyDex require’s KYC on all withdrawals, and deposits are up to 5000,00 a month US/EU)**

Using a (DEX) requires users to understand MetaMask/Private Keys (when recovering a wallet or otherwise applicable cases). This requires some experience of installing MetaMask and understanding the need to keep private keys and seed phrases safe. As well your password, please note that EasyDex Recovery can only work if your email password is also safe on your end. For this service, a lifetime membership is required and well worth it, for the rewards, yes I'll be making a Pink Report on this as well, in the near future.
While this is empowering to users because it allows them to completely control their funds, it also puts the responsibility of keeping the private keys safe to users. If a person does not practice proper security measures, a hacker could acquire their private key or wallet seed phrase and use that to take control of the user’s funds.
Unlike a centralized exchange, trades on a (DEX) cannot be reversed because of the nature of the blockchain. The need to reverse trades has happened before — Binance, was able to reverse trades on their exchange. A (DEX) would not be able to reverse trades made by a hacker who obtained access to a user’s digital wallet.
Users must trust the smart contract code powering the (DEX).
One advantage that a (DEX) provides to users is that users no longer have to trust the creators of the (DEX) because the smart contract code is managing the funds and not the exchange.
However, what this does is shift trust from trusting the central entity (i.e. the creators of the exchange) to trusting that the smart contract code was written properly without any bugs.
While this is usually not an issue (as the smart contract code is open-source and can be reviewed), what this means is that the smart contract code should have gone through a auditing process beforehand. If you are unsure whether an exchange’s smart contract has gone through a auditing process, you can usually reach out to a team member of the exchange to ask.

Decentralized exchanges face growing pains

Because decentralized exchanges are still relatively new and easy in the cryptocurrency sphere, they are still facing some growing pains as they fix issues that they’re running into and as they continue to scale.
(DEX) has taken steps to address these issues for the future, it’s important to realize that all decentralized exchanges are still relatively new and getting easier, applications and they might continue to face some more obstacles before they become widely adopted. And adopted they will be, in my report all (DEX) are to, and your interest to use, as I said, control your worth, for the betterment of you, to better all…EasyDex for me has caught my eye, and the expertise of my eye is usually on the mark.

All that I’ve written here are my views, and my own research of CEX vs DEX. My knowledge is limited to what I have read over the years, plus I do put my twist of fun in my writing. This is in no way professional advice, or financial advice at all. These views are my own, and not of EasyDex, this is my style of writing, my creation of fun in a unfunny world. I am @johnskotts.

EasyDex as well personal Thank You to, KingWalrus, and QueenDuck for believing in THE PINK STUFF

I truly want to thank the WhaleShare Community, EasyDex as well personal of course. Thank You to, KingWalrus, and QueenDuck for believing in THE PINK STUFF all the members of all the community of the Dex Colonies, as for all crypto leaders, who see the light, and are helping us see it to.

And of course a special Pink to @freedomexist,

And of course a special Pink to @freedomexist, hope you like the Pink, so many people to thank I'd probably do a PINK REPORT on it. To a Dear close friend, @boyerobert, who’s always been there for me in my times of hardship, @samest is my Rock in this sphere and to all those friends who don’t appear, we will have our day, to help make this WORDL a beautiful big ocean full of giving pink whales. Special welcome @Raymondspeaks to PinkDexDay with his speed to accept, Thank You, welcome to the Pink

I hope all of you understand where PinkDexDay is heading and giving you great reports, for this Block Wordl we are all creating, please join the pink and do have fun, I can tell you it's EasyDexing.

Thank you
The Pink Report


Image source; @boyerobert

Easydex wallet registration;

Easydex information below;
Telegram: https://t.me/easydex.
Discord: https://discord.gg/JPva8DS.
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/EasyDex/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EasyDexOfficial.

image source @boyerobert

Below are two projects that are truly great, one old and one new, Airhawk-Project and The Man Cave, both of which, I’ll be working on exclusive reports about. Yes, many, many Pink Reports to do. These great projects have embraced PinkDexDay in their servers/channels, I’ll I ask until I do my reporting on them, please visit their servers as well as the PinkdexDay-Easydex room, you never know what lies ahead. Links Below;




The Man Cave



Image Source; Choose PINK

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Pinkcoin, 4 years old, on a decentralized exchange(CryptoBridge), doesn't get nearly enough attention. If you look at it's chart upside-down, it's even more obvious that it's going to do extremely well once we finally oficially enter the bull market again.

PinkChartUpsideDown(open in new tab or click link above for full-size)


@idcinc, hi how are you. Thank you for the intel, I’ll definitely look in the Pinkcoin, it be a great report on the Pink Report. Wishing you all the succes, yes upside does look great...to a bull market soon. Keep In touch


It's been a depressing week, but my confidence in the impending bullrun is starting to increase again as I continue to analyze the market.

Speaking of Pinkcoin, here's their latest tweet: "Ever wanted to reward Twitch streamers you watch but didn't know how?
Now you can with Headlamp by #Pinkcoin
Use your cpu power to mine $PINK for the streamer while watch."

Pretty sweet, imo :)

Great article btw and I wish you all the success too.

-Tom (@MyEmpireOfShit)


Market will run, it always does...yes, Pinkcoin, well I sent myself a reminder, looks great, will definitely give it a Pink. Thank you for the complements. Yes good luck to both...( I’m presuming @myEmpireofshit ), quote/blog which I’m following ( very interesting/ got my attention) nicely done...is reference to , the Johnny cash/ Hurt? I can be off sometimes. Anyway...keep intouch. Talk soon. Ciao


I'm just one of a team of about 5 people that comprise @idcinc. I started it with my friend Sean, who has "OurEmpireOfDirt" as a twitter handle(mine is MyEmpireofShit). So yeah... Nine Inch Nails... Johnny Cash... :)

Thanks for the follow. Seeya around.


Thank you. Yes see you around. Plus good luck brother.

This is dope and we'll explained, it is easy with EasyDex. Decentralized exchanges are the best but UI/UX is one big problem users are facing, but even if those can't be or will still have solution, I like the fact that there is a platform with so many friendly administrators to help users like that of EasyDex. If we have more of this, it will be a great for DEX.


Thank you brother, yes very easy with Easydex. Yes the DEX has more work to be done, and i am sure they will achieve success here, I have no doubt. Easydex is a great one, it’s there start as of now, expect more from this alwAys there team, trust me I know. Because following there lead requires no sleep to serve there investors. The more is coming everyday, and yes we will achieve. Plus I can see you pushing me to write a pink report on UI/UX...I thank you my prince, your words have my respect. You as well as samest were my first friends on steemit. So thank you. Much love bother. Our journey is just starting out...one love hmmm maybe a good pink smoke?


Lol, yes! I will like you to write a pink report on UI/UX. and also family is not only by bloodline which make me believe everyone are my brothers. One love boss 🤓🙌

"Maybe a good pink smoke" hahaha 😂😁


Your just piling up the work...yes definitely will get those reports going...I agree brother. One love, smoke is very very interesting. Thank you.

Pinkdex project is getting bigger by the day... Shout it out the more....PicsArt_06-01-11.31.26.png


Loving your Pink...thank you!!!!

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I am grateful for your words, but it is me who should be thanking the whole community of steemit here for their, first friendship, support and guidance in working to create articles of value...I’ll honestly say this, when starting out on steemit, it was for the rewards. As time started going by, well the rewards weren’t there...so I took a break, read, learned, participated...I got involed in learning how to perform better as a person, I found myself understand that, the rewards have nothing to do with steemit...I was clear that if I can help people achieve there goals in steemit, it be more rewarding for me...well it has, totally. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to see your work appreciated here, it goes to show you that, if you focus and put in the work, believe in yourself...you will achieve anything you believe in. As I said in my article. We need to heal many things in this Wordl. But if we start with ourself and teach others that it’s not the reward that counts it’s your effort in giving first...never give up, is my small word for steemers, until you find your home in the community, and give to it first without any expectation, you have achieved a step towards finding your true self...in this is the reward. I love all that have helped me to this point, I still have so much to learn...I am more than eager, I know together we will achieve our goal that is intended by these community’s to heal/cure the Wordl...my heart has been touched. So it’s me that thanks you...!!!


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@haveaheart, loving your project. Keep up the excellent work...more hearts as your is required to heal the Wordl...💖

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Done Done and Done...voted for witness and spreading the Done...thank you...!!!


Done, Done and Done...!!!


Done, good luck :-)

@easydex should list @mannacurrency
both our on steemit and both great projects. What do you say @easydex ?
Have @mannacurrency on the exchange would be freaking sweet :)


You can definitely join us on discord or telegram and we'd be happy to talk to you about it.


...took the words write out of my steem, thank you Easydex good luck @sames hope to see @mannacurrency on Easydex and many more. Thank you

Almost enough pink, almost!


Never enough Pink...

Love the pink! Upvoted :)


More to come...

Pink is the link! but seriously, DEX's are absolutely superior to CEX's. Great post.


Thank you buddy, yes. Let’s keep it spreading.

I listened to everything you said last night John but I still don't understand this. Why is this for me? Can you explain? You have also quoted a wrong source when appropriating my avatar and show for your post.


Hi @freedomexist, how are you? Hoping all is well...thank you for listening. The understanding here is still being created, I mention i did the report in pink for you as a mentor(and that you are to me)...that i follow and believe in your work on whaleshare( plus the new blue report is amazing) and you have my full support here...i created pinkdexday as awareness to blockchain and on easydex to spread knowledge of whaleshare community...i apologize for my image freedomexists, i hope you understand that my intention here was simply just promoting your show( the blue report)...truly and simple there...i basically trying to add to greatness from your part with some fun and pink, with a true vision of blockchain...you asked me where I'm taking this? I'm still working on all that, but honestly not taking it anywhere really... i'm simply a creator/designer...found myself on steem, as i was brought to you by @el-cr...from there, I'm here...!!! Im on EasyDex and promoting it...It hit me like a flash, to create a pink report...simply to add to the easydex-pinkdexday...( as my post says, just creating channels in server to add to and call them pinkdexday and give it some fun and honest work)with the team trying to promote easydex, with memes and contest, and clothing...plus after this many more ideas are poping in, from of course many beautiful people here on whaleshares, it's very inspirational for me and I'm very excited with all, when i said for you, was really thanking you for inspiring me to follow into you great footsteps here, and if you feel anything on my part as wrong by me, i apologize greatly and fast...as for the image above, i apologize for the use of your avatar, you are correct, i needed permission for this, from you...i was eager to surprise you, and i feel you took it the wrong way...my brother you are correct completely , again i apologize and for future reference i will not include and @freedomexists images with out your consent...as for the rest of this...i would love to discuss more...after all we are on the same mission here...you also asked me about that...you are correct as well, and as always here...what is my mission...its in my post, heal many things, this i can't do alone, thats why i'm here...i hope i'm clear, and made you understand where I'm coming from here, as always thank you and i appreciate your words, and all you do for whaleshares...


I appreciate your explanation John and I'm pleased to learn that I have inspired you, it's quite flattering you know and thank you for your compliments. The real issue I have with the graphic you're using is that it seems to suggest I am involved in a new show entitled The Pink Report Show, which obviously I am not. You have even put the time and server the supposed show is going to take place, this may confuse a lot of people.

You have also used the actual name of my show The Whaleshares Blue Report in your graphic as well, further adding to the confusion.

Lastly you have used my avatar which looks like I have given this my seal of approval and actually appears I'm completely involved in your concept, which I'm not.

If you could take the title of my show, the time and server and my avatar and any reference to me off this graphic I would be grateful.

It's great that you're working on initiatives to promote EasyDex, an interest we both share, and your idea for a Pink Day is quite a novelty. All these things help to promote the platform. But as I say it really looks like I am very involved in something which I'm not.


@freedomexists, Thank you for your words, especially from you very much appreciated here...I again apologize for everything I'v caused here, I hope you understand my intention here, was really to impress you, and to promote you first, as I have been doing this from the beginning, that I landed on your show...In no way did I try to associate my self on your show for my benefit at all...(and if you know a little bit about me, this is the last thing I would ever do)I have done as you asked. Below I'v redone the image, and updated my post...I hope its to your liking and approval...I hope I can one day amount to your talent. Lesson learned, thank you @freedomexists as always you teach.

...and on a Pink Twist here...I you'd love for you to one day to present a Pink Report on any of your shows that will be a total honour, that would be I have achieved something close to you, I love to learn,(and I have still plenty to learn) and I love to learn from the best...I'm also glad we share the same one true vision...free this world from its bondage and start the heal/cure of all..I just hope my actions are clear with you...see you soon on the Blue Report and of course the Freedomexists Show.

Updated Link Below;