EasyDex...**Step by Step** Fiat/Gate Made Easy!!! EasyDex!!!

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Have you heard of the PBToken? (EASYDEX.PB on the EasyDex Exchange


EasyDex Portfolio Builder tokens are designed to build your portfolio just by keeping them in your wallet.

Here's how to get them.


First, go to EasyDex and login with your Bitshares username and passphrase.

If you don't have one yet. Create a Bitshares account through EasyDex and you will always have the option to recover your password through the account recovery service. Genius!


After you're logged in, you will need to make sure you have something available in your wallet to start trading with.

(BTS is highly recommended for this)

You can make a deposit with BTC, or make a FIAT transfer with either US or EU currency.

To find your wallet, click the menu bar in the top left corner that looks like this3easydexmenu1.png

Then you will see this menu


Click on Deposit/Withdraw

Now you will see this screen.


From here you can choose how you would like to make your deposit.


It's really easy to use a bank account to buy crypto on EasyDex, just follow the simple steps above.


Just a few advantages of choosing EasyDex are as follows.

EasyDex offers FIAT transfers to/from your bank.

Yes, the pictures are real, with EasyDex you can directly transfer your FIAT USD or Euros to the Bitshares platform (instead of OpenLedger or wallet.bitshares.org).

EasyDex has a password recovery service


The PBToken literally gives you free $ just for holding it!

Just choose your currency and get started!

Come and join the fun on Discord

Special Thank you, @crystalhuman

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Thanks for sharing this link john

Thanks for sharing, this is a real clear tutorial about easydex!

Excellent post, easy and simple to comprehend.


What are solutions in case of a problem?


Hi choger, can you be more specific? You can always go to discord, ...https://discord.gg/bdsDP3T owners are always on, the team is very helpful to assist you...as well I’ll include Easydex telegram group...https://t.me/easydex thank you.


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