Going Vegan ! 💙

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Hello to all my Steemians !!

For some time I had been interested in the vegan lifestyle, but not serious or motivated enough to do it. Not until I stumble across @heart-to-heart vegan challenge.

The contest consists of recording all your meals following the vegan diet for 22 days. Easy right?!... at times.
Here's a link to the contest for details.

One of the firsts things I did to prepare for success ... take a trip to the farmers market.


I LOVE avocados ! :)


I also got some beets to experiment with :)

Today I'd like to share my meals for the past 5 days.

Day One:
@splendorhub Day 2 sauteed red bell pepper celery salad with sweet sour sauce.jpg
This was a salad with sauteed bell pepper and celery in a sweet and sour sauce and rice.

@splendorhub Day 1 Dinner Coconut Yogurt with yogurt covered pretzels.jpg
Here I had coconut yogurt with vegan yogurt covered pretzels.

Day Two:
Day 2 Breakfast.JPG
Almond pancakes with blueberry jelly and coconut butter :)

Day 2 Vegan lasagna.JPG
Sweet potato lasagna with beans, quinoa and a salad.

Day Three:
@splendorhub Day 3 Almond pancakes w maple syrup.JPG
Almond pancakes with maple syrup.

@splendorhub Day 3 Portobello with grilled tomatoe and onions. w fries.JPG
Veggie Burger with fries :)

Day Four:
Day 4 Lunch.JPG
Heart shape pancakes :)

Vegan burger with fries :)

Day Five:
@splendorhub Vegan Challenge.JPG
Pancakes :)'

@splendorhub Vegan Challenge din din.JPG
Bell-pepper potato avocado bowl :)

Day 4 Snack.JPG

This week was a bit tough because I was not able to eat all the snacks I normally eat. I will say trying new recipes and knowing is all good energy source makes it all worth the while. One think I forgot to take pictures of is my daily cup of coffee.

Do you know any great must try vegan recipes let me know :)

Let all you do be done in love, ❣️ @splendorhub

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  ·  2년 전

I would expect nothing less from a Cali girl ;P

@splendorhub Bell peppers and ranch dressing taste good. I can't imagine I would be happy with this diet. Are you sticking with it?


Is going. I miss my eggs, honey, donuts and my homemade burger.
Splendor's burger: patty,sauteed mushrooms, jalapenos, bacon, avocado..oh and grilled onions all day. Lettuce /tomato. You should give this diet a go lol.


What kind of veggie pattie? I used to eat some that were ok but they had cheese


carrot and bean patty :)'

Just great! Well done and keep eating healthy, also organic, ok?

you are beautiful, it's good to eat healthy vegan


Thank you :)

Awsome! I've always wanted to try out an vegan diet. Good luck for your journey xx


Thank you :)

The great recipes have opened my eyes, and we have a long history of vegetarian culture in China. For example, we can make tofu taste like meat. We have a chance to understand and understand. We can communicate with each other.


I'm not Asian but I cook many Asian dishes. How's that tofu meat tasting recipe? :)'


I agree with you! I'm from Canada originally but now I live in Indonesia and have been learning for quite some time how to make tofu taste like meat. It's delicious and there are so many recipes and options to learn! I wish that it was more common in North America :)

@splendorhub so I guess Morton's Steak House is now out of the question ??


STK for me lol, and yes the door has been shut. :)


I don't mean to Scare You but this Woman in this Video is a Nurse and was a VEGAN. You may find this good info. What is cool she is on YouTube and I bet she may even answer any questions you have about your new direction in nutrition...........


Thank you for this info. The ingredients she focuses are not necessarily my favs. I will do more research. Is best to know and not use it then to need it and not have it :D Happy Sunday !


Hey @stokjockey :) I am just responding to this because I am the one who started this contest that the author (@splendorhub) is participating in right now :)

I just want to say that since becoming vegan, all of my illnesses have actually gone completely away or decreased substantially. There are many scientific studies to prove this, but in the end, every BODY is different and needs different things. I think it's important to note that many vegans eat terrible food. They take out meat but replace it with filfthy, unhealthy stuff and that isn't good either so it's really in the end about eating healthy, well balanced, nutritious meals :)

Try not to let certain videos like this scare you, there are plenty on the reverse side equally fear mongering and I just want everyone to trust themselves and aim toward a more healthy and whole existence :)

Eating seems delicious
But I have to taste it first to judge your professionalism
But I see that there are some potatoes that are burned hahaha


I prefer crispy fries, pancakes and waffles hehe... good eye tho. Happy Sunday

Good work with the food. Oh, I like to eat vegan too sometimes when I am not eating meat hehe.

So proud of you! I've been vegetarian for a while but mostly eat vegan. It gets easier as the months go by


Thank you! Some of the stuff I've cooked already are super tasty.

I am so happy for you to be making this new lifestyle choice. I hope that it remains lasting for you and that you continue to enjoy this new journey 🤗


Thank you! Is a journey for sure but loving the adventure :)


Well I am here for you if you ever have any questions. I am proud of you.

Hey girl! You seem to be doing amazing! I voted on this earlier but am only now able to give you the reply you deserve!

I know that making a transition like this can be difficult especially leaving foods we are used to behind. You seem to be doing a great job at subbing in ingredients to still have what you want- waiting on that pizza ;)

I'm rooting for you! You're already so far in! What can we do to help with the snacks?


Hey! this weeks preparation is going great! I have strawberries, and other berries to snack on with some delicious coconut yogurt. Flax-seed and pumpkin seed cereal yummy! I finally made some vegan pizza! Delicious. I'll be making some naan for those other times lol... I'm hanging in ... is super hard when everyone at home are all eating meat ! :/ Challenge post tomorrow :)


Oh wow yes I bet that would be super hard. The first time I went vegan I was in a house full of meat and I remember they were making one of my favorite dishes of all time= fajitas and I just cried my eyes out.

I know how hard that can be and think you're even more incredible for being able to continue despite that <3

I made some naan yesterday too ;) we're already in sync =D

Can't wait for your next update!


How cool :D Sync girls lol

vegan diet and vegan lifestyle is quite good ,i think it is suit on you.any way great


Thanx, my energy is great :)