Still Strong! Vegan Challenge

2년 전

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Hello Steemians,

As most of you are aware I have been part of a vegan challenge. Part of the challenge is to keep track of all the meals and snack.

The great benefit I have gather from this challenge is how the misconception of vegan food taste, the energy obtain from eating vegetables.

Day 11

@splendorhub Day 11 Breakfast.jpg

Pumpkin flazseed cereal with almond milk

@splendorhub Day 11 Din.jpg

Carrot bean burger with sweet potato fries.

Day 12

@splendorhub Day 11 Breakfast.jpg

Same as the day before. Pumpkin flax seed cereal with almond milk.

@splendorhub Day 12 Din.jpg

Veggie dumpling soup topped with seaweed with a side of brown rice and kimchi.

Day 13

@splendorhub Day 13 Breakfast.jpg

.....Din din....

Day 14

Day 14 Breakfast.jpg

Cereal with sliced bananas and a dash of cinnamon :)

@splendorhub Day 14.jpg

Tofu veggie bowl with guacamole from Chipotle :)

Day 15

@splendorhub Day15.jpeg

@splendorhub Day 15 snack.jpg

Stuffed avocado with rice.

@splendorhub Day 15 Din.jpg

Mango rice bowl (pickup) super delicious!

There's still plenty of time left. Looking forward to trying new recipes :) Stay tuned!

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Greetings, sweet and beautiful Splendorhub

I was waiting for your next post. I really liked the one you put the pictures in the forest. Especially because he took his little dog over there. He is very handsome. Strolling with a puppy in a beautiful place like that should be very relaxing.

Regarding the foods presented today, I participate. As vegan foods always, however, with some additions, type meat, cheese, catupiry, eggs, hihihihhihihih bacon

Thanks for the post.

Good evening!


Thank you! my pup is a trooper and fun to have when we are out in the wild. Stay tuned for more :)

Oh soo yummy.I notice a very common fruit in at least 3 dishes, Bananas!They all look so good you make them like a superstar.


Thank you! Two things I can have any time of the day...bananas and avocados :) Best wishes to you @waterfordguy.
P.S I test drove a 1913 car post coming really soon!

You're too beautiful! Steem on


Thank you Kevin :D

It looks very tasty
I wish I could taste one of them

not having meat does it affect your health ? the pictures look delicious by the way


Thank you. I think that there's other ways that you can obtain the proteins from vegetable that you get from meat. I swear my energy is right on :D

You eat pretty well I see :-)

Keep up the good work!


I try! Playing with ingredients is fun! Thank you for visiting :)

Cereal with bananas, delicious. Vegan burgers are pretty good for sure.

This is interesting . Do you think you might stick to it, after the challenge, or a mix perhaps?


Great question... I love the way I feel, being the only vegan around makes things harder. I'm not sure... some days I think I can do it. I will certainly try to stick to it. Best wishes :D


Awesome. :) Goodluck on your journey. Best wishes to you too

Yummy that food all looks great! So what dish are you going to eat once your challenge is over? Or will you stick with it? :)


I'm not sure how long I can do this loving the results so far! I love me some ribs or korean bbq lol...


That is awesome! mmmm oh and mmmm Korean bbq....mmm lol I am so hungry right now. lol

I see you aren’t eating quite well.
You are living proof that just because somebody eats a vegan diet, doesn’t mean they will lose all of their beauty.
I never thought that, but I’m pretty sure some people do 🤣


Thank you :D

Anything with rice.

Hello my dear! You're awesome and I am so proud to see you still going strong! I cannot believe that life made me so offline for this time but I am so happy to see everything is going so well for you! <3 Your Chipotle dish made me think back to my days living in Cali where I had no idea what to make so ate there like everyday and said yes to the guac add on every time ;) <3 You're so close <3 Goodluck!

They look delicious and healthy

Looking nice and good food photography!
Take care


Thank you :)