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I can't believe this is my last post for the Eat Like a Superstar Vegan Challenge. Today I'd like to share with all of you the awesome meals I had, and how I almost risked it all.

The reason I wanted to participate for the challenge was simple. I had read and done plenty of research to know I wanted to give the vegan diet a chance, for about a year.

How hard is it to give up cheese, pies, hard boil eggs on a daily for a snack. Very hard. Had it not been for @heart-heart for this creative contest, let's just say I would had still been thinking about the vegan diet.

When you see the struggle ahead...

I love my comfort foods! All of them donuts, pies, cupcakes, milk, blue cheese, sharp cheddar.

I think I've made my point. Knowing that I had to come up with easy and tasty food replacements to guaranteed my success.

The first week was a challenge been behind on my meal prepping and fruit and veggies not ripen made me second guess my decision.

@splendorhub Vegan challenge.JPG

The following week would had to be different, I bought more groceries and veggies with anticipation.

@splendorhub asian ingredients.JPG

Week two

started really good! I had done plenty of vegan recipes searches and was ready to start having some fun :)

Week three!

I cook as often as I can. I prefer homemade for sure! Going out is nice too, but when is date night, trying new places is more fun.

Living in Southern Orange County is a great place to be if you're vegan I came to realize. Most places have at least one vegan option on their menu. Lucky me !

I'm feeling good...really good !

Into to my fourth week it was confirmed that my energy and mood had changed. It was clear after forgetting to drink my coffee twice! I love my coffee and having it in the morning makes the day brighter! I still drink it, but I'm at the point were I don't need it.

@splendorhub coffee - Copy (2).jpg

Week four....the cravings ...

During the final stretch of the challenge I was craving pie! Yes ... blueberry double crusted pie. High calorie treats was all I was thinking about. That's when I started to maximize the flexibility of the sweet potato.

My meals for this week were delicious. It was also this week that I wasn't sure I was ready to go back.

Day 21 and 22
Here I made tofu fried chicken with a side rice, corn and kimchi.
Day 21 (2).JPG

On the last day of the challenge it was moms birthday dinner. To my surprise they have veggie mole enchiladas. IMG_6403.JPG

A side of rice and black beans.


Not a bad way to end the challenge!

In summary,

This has been the best decision I've made this year. I have proved myself the strength of my will power. There's nothing to do it but to do it! During this challenge I missed several things, but at the end my energy was better and so was my mental clarity.

I feel great! I have decided to keep up my vegan diet for as long as I can. Being around meat eaters can be tough. Thank you all that follow me during my challenge. If you want a challenge for a greater you, this is the one. 22 Day Vegan Challenge.

Don't forget to check out @heart-heart awesome blog. Show her some love :D

Let all you do be done in love, ❣️ @splendorhub

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Congratulations!What a wonderful effort.It was fun watching you go through this challenge even thou I came in later into your blog.
you taught me a few things that is for sure.I have gone out and purchased more vegetables.I wanted to Thank You for your post as we are now eating a bit healthier.
It also was a pleasure meeting you as you a beautiful intelligent lady.
You have made my Steemit experience fun and inspiring.
This post is so well constructed.Tremendous job!

Loving the Giant cup of coffee!


Will start again soon!

@splendorhub I am proud of you. It is difficult to stick with anything if you don't give it at least 90 days straight. Also if you will go back into your post to Week four and make sure TREATS is spelled correctly. I like Treats too................


Thank you friend :)


Nora you may like this post since it was right in your backyard. Yes I did go to school on the Ocean Front.............


Well done, was definitely not an easy challenge!


Thank you! Not easy ...but doable :) You should try it lol


Not sure if it's for me ;-)

very well


Thank you :)

@splendorhub That's awesome you have mental clarity from this diet. Keeping a high protein may help the cravings. It helps for me at least. Have you tried any protein shakes?

we made it! alright!!! congrats to all of us and our newly formed life learnings and habits! :)


Thank you ! Good to know ones mental strength :)

Ice-Cream is my comfort food, also Oatmeal. Rice is great. Did you drink all of that tea in that big cup? Good work with the finish-line.

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