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You know that saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” Well, I believe it to be true.

Everyday, people donate their clothes to Goodwill and other thrift stores. Within all of the donations, there is treasure! You can find men’s and women’s clothes, buy them at a low cost, and sell them on eBay for great profits beyond your imagination.

This includes dress shirts, golf shirts, sport coats, tennis shoes, dress shoes, jeans, ties, etc. Personally, I am just interested in dress shirts, t-shirts, and golf shirts as they are usually in high demand and are inexpensive to ship.

All you have to do is go to one of your local goodwill stores and start looking through the shirts for name brand clothing. Here are some of the brands to look for. Keep in mind that some items sell better than others due to the pattern, colors, etc. Bright colors tend to sell better, as well as shirts with embroidered logos or teams.

-Footjoy - w/ Titelist logo embroidered
-Nike - most recent Tiger Woods eduction
-Travis Mathew
-Under Armour - typically with an embroidered college team or professional team
-Pendleton - wool flannels
-Duluth Trading Co.
-Polo Ralph Lauren - shirts with large embroidered horse
-Golf shirts with Scotty Cameron embroidered logo
-Tommy Bahama - typically linen and silk shirts with embroidered material on the back
-Robert Graham
-Colombia PFG - typically long sleeve and unique colors
-Loud Mouth - golf shorts
-Psycho Bunny
-Tom Ford
-Vineyard Vines

These are not all the brands but a lot of the good ones to look out for. It takes time to get use to flipping through the shirts and finding a pattern and routine for yourself. The more you do it the easier it gets and the more money you will make.

To me, this is a fun thing to do and very easy with a high return.

There are YouTube videos out there that you can research. Just type in goodwill reselling or top brands to resell on eBay.

Good luck if you’re just starting out, and happy Goodwill hunting!!!

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