eBoost (EBST): A Bullish Scenario Approaching, if not Already!

3년 전

eBoost (EBST) has the makings of a correction that's either complete or already has hit the bottom. Either way, this video analysis shows how the destination is the same!

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could you do NLC2 please.


Yes that would be appreciated to analyze NLC2 No Limit Coin at your convenience 😀 thanks for your hard work and calm presence through the storms. Your wisdom is appreciate to stick with the mathematics and ignore the talking heads in the news


Agree with ahmad. @salahuddin2004 is more better and accurate expert than haejin. Look at his yesteraday update and cryptos are flying from that point.



Check out this post for more info related to bitcoin and stripe. upvote, resteem and comment your thoughts.

Good job friend @haejin

First !!


Good luck in other posts ,gonradulation


I loaded my bag up...boost me up~~~!!!

I'd be very curious to see your current take on VEN.

Also, I love seeing your follow-up posts on how trends have played out after your previous TA. Could you do those more often?


For VEN a fundamental analysis is probably more valuable than a chart analysis right now.
With good news coming out every few days, no artificial hype from the team and no missteps so far, this looks really promising.

It's not exists in Binance and there is no possibility to sign up in Bettrex right now
How we can get it?


If you want, we can do it togheter, I have 125$ USDT worth bitcoin, if you write me, you can send me your currency, and we can buy togheter. AikelTechno@gmail.com No problem ( I have Bittrex Account )

dtube is a very good place :)

Wow this blog is very nice …

This is the Chart :D

Ok! thank you! I will see the video.

Muchas gracias por compartir tus análisis

Hey haejin,

you're doing great work! If you' apply your skills to, say, fx in general or commodities, too, I believe you'd reach an even greater audience.

Keep up the good work!

i enjoy your post! thanks

https://www.tradingview.com/chart/EBDEGpkI/ could this be a possibility? What I had before looking at the video :) I'm getting more higher highs.

very nice it was haejin

I hope it really hits the botton already haha

This is crap posting. Cmon.

  ·  3년 전

Great work as always maestro!
Can you have a look at AION pls?