Ecological Movie. The Story of Stuff.

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Short, but very informative video.

Thanks to the systematization of her own experience, the author was able to convey the basic idea extremely clearly.

"Recycling will not save us, we need to stop consuming."


The issue of increasing consumption affects many films dedicated to the protection of the environment. However, the film "The History of Things" is a real tutorial for those who do not need immersion in the emotionality of feature films, for those who have already realized the obvious "abnormality" of the existence of human society, for those who are ready to change to make changes.


The video "The Story of Things" is environmentally friendly itself. It looks more like a presentation than like a film, because of a lot of animated drawings. And now we see clearly how the formula works: with a minimum of resources to maximize efficiency.

Of course, we can assume, and it will be fair that, apart from material resources, it is necessary to take into account the personal contribution of the creators of the film - their abilities, time and efforts. But we are talking about environmental friendliness and in this vein the costs of these resources are harmless and each of them, except time, is renewable.

The non-regenerability of time is compensated by the environmental cost of costs - this is about the meaningful time spent.


The film is good both in content and in itself as an educational material.

I am sure that the inclusion of this film in the educational course on Ecology and Environmental Protection will enrich and revitalize the material, not to mention that it will help in the development of a responsible and determined generation of Earthlings.


Look at the "Story of Things", at least for general development. It will take you no more than 25 minutes.

For the benefits of all living beings!

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After such presentation here @sustainit I will gladly watch this movie today in the evening. It seems that this 25 minute movie absolutely worth every currently living on our planet human's attention. Thank you! You are doing really great work here!


It will be great if you will share your thoughts about the film in comments here) Thank you for feedback!))