Some books for a freshman to a master in the area of economical science

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Mankun's "Principles of Economics" volume ;
Samuelson's Economics , including Macroeconomics and Microeconomics ;
Stigley's "Economics" ;
"Economics, principles, and policy issues", "Principles of Economics and problems", "economic case", "Economics Pieces", "economic paradox", "social problems economics";
Domestic teachers compiled the "Western Economics" series;
Management Economics series;
Pin Dick "Microeconomics" ;
Mansfield's Microeconomics ;
"Applied Microeconomics" in the series of Foreign Economics Textbooks ;
"Microeconomics: A Modern Approach" (Intermediate microeconomics) [US] Varian (Varian, Hal R.) a; 11 Mankiw, "Macroeconomics";.
Dorn Bush's Macroeconomics ;
Robert Hall, Macroeconomics ;
Barro's Macroeconomics ;
Jeffrey Sachs, "The Macroeconomics of Global Perspectives" ;
Paul Krugman, International Economics
"Development and Reflection of Modern Macroeconomics " , "Guidelines for Modern Macroeconomics - Analysis of Various Schools of Thought" , "Dialogue with Masters of Economics" ;
Others : Most of the other textbooks in the "Economic Science Translation Series" series: "History of Economic Thought", "Finance", "Public Sector Economics", "Personnel Economics", "Finance" (Bodie), Subjects in the practical application of "Investment", "Monetary Banking" (Mi Shijin). Appropriate supplementary reading of "Public Choice Theory", Austrian School, Hayek, Cambridge, non-Walras Equilibrium Analysis, etc.
Sanlian Book Yellow Book series, in which prominent persons as "Public Economics" (Lectures on public economics) (Atkinson (Atkinson, Anthony B.) [US] Stiglitz (Stiglitz, Joseph E.) a), < Politics and Markets : The Political-Economic System of the World, Property Rights and Institutional Change : A Collection of Property Schools and New Institutional Schools, Structure and Change in Economic History, Money, Banking and Economy (Money, Banking) , and the Economy) [USA] Thomas Mayer , Law and Economics, etc.
Zhang Wuchang, "Selling Oranges", "The Theory of Tenant Farmers", "Economic Interpretation".
Yang Xiao "Principles of Economics", "new classical economics Inframarginal"
"Posner Collection"
The Commercial Press Blue Book Economics Series;
Mathematical tools: basic knowledge of three courses of high number, linear algebra, probability theory and mathematical statistics , plus preliminary topology (convex set, concave set, stability of differential equation), linear programming (algebraic theory, geometric theory, dual theory) , nonlinear programming (inequality constrained programming), variational method (Eulerian equation, functional function, convergence problem, variable endpoint, cross-section condition, necessary condition for resignation, phase diagram analysis), optimal control theory (maximum pRINCIPLES, Hamiltonian), continuous optimization planning time, discrete-time optimization plan (fixed point property value function), time series analysis, nonlinear chaotic systems, random variables;
Other Mathematical Aids: Mathematics in Economics , Jiang Zhongyi , Mathematical Economics Foundation , Dynamic Optimization Foundation , Takayama , "Optimization Methods in Economics" , Gong Liutang , "Optimization Methods in Economics" , "Dynamic Recursive Methods in Economics " , " Handbook of Mathematical Economics "
Relatively novel research ideas book: Ping Xinqiao of "Microeconomics Lecture 18," Zhang Dingsheng "Advanced Microeconomics", Nicholson "Microeconomic Theory" ,, Jiang Dianchun "Advanced Microeconomics," Zhang Weiying "Advanced Microeconomics" , Varian "advanced microeconomics" Pushing "advanced microeconomics", "microeconomics theory" A ndrew . M as- C olell Green, David Romer "advanced macroeconomics" Blanchard "advanced Macroeconomics , Sargent's Dynamic Macroeconomic Theory , Advanced Macroeconomics, Economic Growth Theory
Other books worth reading : Taylor's Econometrics, Mathematical Economics, Quantitative Economics, Economic Growth Theory, Financial Economics, Industrial Organization Theory , China Social Sciences Academic Press Harvard Cambridge Economics Translation Series: Progress in Economic Theory (upper and lower), Public Choice Theory, Governance Mechanism, Uncertainty and Information Analysis, Institutions in Economics , Social Science Publishers Series of Foreign Economics Masterpieces Series: Business Economics, International Analysis of Agricultural Development (Shuishui Zuijiro), Computational Computation (Buchanan), and Research on the Quantity of Money (Fri Deman) Economic Science Press, "Foreign Economics Textbook Library" series , Zou Hengyi, editor: " Financial Series ", China Social Science Press, "Contemporary Economics Textbook Translation Series" series.

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