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16785B83-F2F7-4F69-8D48-B0DDA7AF6BAC.jpegWow Steemit!!! This is what is needed to push real adoption and help the people thrive through their content. Web monetization and a sharing economy. Love it!
A lot of “Blockchain Companies” have come up with great projects to help build and grow the industry, but other projects (most of them) have just taken advantage of the hype and momentum to pump and dump their shitty coins, main reason why the crypto space colapsed in the end of 2018, remember those famous ICOs, where are they?.
We don’t need more scamers and utopian projects, we want REAL cases that will push the adoption to the regular people out there. But hey, gotta make sure you make it easy, just as creating a Steemit !account, o wait, I’m already here!! Exactly.
Im just a regular dude who enjoys surfing, climbing and any extreme sport out there, yes, I’m a adrenaline junkie.
Did I forget to say I am a former Corporate Banker and that I love finance and economics? Well I do!. Anything related with fintech, blockchain, crypto, investments blabla I’m into it.
I’m about creating and supporting Sustainable Finances that will help get people involved in financial services in a friendly way, and also support investments related to Sustainable projects. Someone’s gotta take care of the world and people!
I will be posting pictures of my life, adventures and work, and I am really open to talk to anybody about anything. Gotta keep the mind open.
*This picture was taken after a great surf session in the Mexican Pacific Coast at El Rancho, Guerrero.

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Welcome to Steem! Looks like you found the perfect spot.

I like surfing waves and blockchains, too :-)

Resteemed your post, hope you'll get some more traction here soon. Don't stop posting. It takes some time to build a followership here, but it's possible. Try to engage with like-minded people, then things will take off soon.

I also delegated you 500 Steem Power so that you'll be able to post as many times as you want:
You can monitor your ressource credits (credits you need to execute transactions on the blockchain) here:

Steem on 🤙


OK, I'm removing my delegation as it seems you showed up once and then disappeared...:-(


Hi Marly, sorry I just wrote until now. I appreciate your support and will be posting more stuff for sure. Thanks for the good vibes!!! Lets keep chasing waves and blockchains, and get something good about this. Cheers!!!

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I’m not surprised seeing @surfermarly here, yes deep calls deep! Welcome to Steem blockchain @darick, we need surfers 🏄‍♀️🏄 here, who can help give value to steem, and you’re looking as such!

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Thanks Max!!! I just recently opened this and don`t have much going on. But I am happy I received support from @surfermarly and you. Thanks for that!! I will keep posting so I can share my thought and my surf trips of course!!

You sound like fun and also like you've found the right place for you ;-) Welcome on this platform and ask me anything, always! I try to help newbies as it can be a bit confusing in the beginning :-) Best thing to do for the first month is just post and comment on interesting posts so people get to know your name. Cheers!


Thanks Rosa!!! I will keep posting for sure!! Thanks for the good vibes!!! Cheers!!!!