Misrule by bossy central planners?

4개월 전

(Linked article is behind paywall)

Really good piece making a point that really bears emphasis and a lot more work. The reference to Elizabeth Anderson in the piece is timely - her book 'Private Government' is well worth reading and is something any supporter of free markets has to engage with (I agree with the broad thrust of her arguments for what it's worth).

Two points of my own:

  • One of the things to note from the linked piece is the degree to which things such as nanny-ism, political correctness, and elaborate health and safety regulations that conservatives complain about (often with good reason) are the product not of governments or regulators but large private firms and reflect the interests of those firms (or rather their senior managers).

  • Secondly, Creighton mentions how many classical economists and radical classical liberals opposed the large limited liability company and automatic incorporation. This is an almost completely forgotten aspect of intellectual history and was a huge debate within liberalism in the 1850s in Britain for example (Herbert Spencer was a huge critic).

In addition, radical and even not so radical classical liberals and individualists disliked wage labour and looked forward to a world in which everyone would be self-employed, whether individually or collectively - J S Mill and Wordsworth Donisthorpe - who had a worked out theory of what he called 'Labour Capitalisation' - were two examples.

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