Hyperinflation Will Help Eradicate the Keynesian Disease.

2개월 전

Today we will look at why we think hyperinflation is a blessing in disguise. Even though we are seeing a great deal of pain in terms of the cost of the living crisis we think that a currency collapse will help cleanse the monetary system and the economy.

The biggest positive to come from such a scenario would be the evisceration of the current political system that has turned the government into a master instead of being a servant.

We will be doing our usual Sunday Livestream Q & A as well.


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It's not even Keynesianism anymore. It's the Neo-Chartalist aka Magic Money Theory disease. They insist that income taxes are "counter inflationary" but you'd have to tax the shit out of the middle class for that to be true lol. The reason the U.S. government has so much leeway in deficit spending isn't because they have unlimited spending power but the military prowess to enforce dollar hegemony around the world. That bloated defense budget is what makes their back of the napkin theory remotely plausible.