Mises vs. Marx - Begin!

2개월 전

In case you lived under a free market rock, nine years ago this video went viral:

It was a rap battle video depicting the differences between Hayek's and Keynes' economic philosophies.

Then there was round 2:

And now the crew is back with Marx vs Mises!

The amazing thing that these videos is actually present a decent summary of each side. If you haven't seen them before, watch them!

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One of my all-time favs! I always play this when I get to teach finance. The kids love it. It also does a better job of explaining monetary theory in 12 minutes than I can do in an hour.

Thanks for the heads up. Did you see the recent Satoshi rap one? It’s not from these guys but same genre.


Haven't seen the satoshi rap one. Link?

Haha.... never saw those before ... had some fun ... thanks!

so you're having a nostalgic youtube evening? :p

I haven’t heard these guys before, musically talents and interesting economists. Sounds mutually exclusive, but shows economic theory can be fun.

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