Is the green folks barking up the wrong tree

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Was on a dealer shuttle and driver was talking about how new kitchen appliances are expensive. Hmm his stove and fridge are 31 years old. Dishwasher was "newer" and died year ago.

This is interesting, new appliances sold in the last decade don't seems to last that long. Every 10 / 15 years it will be cheaper to buy new than fix.

Now how much less energy and whatever gas emission would there be if things last longer. I mean from mining to land fill it all takes energy.

Forget about complaining to the Gov. Demand manufacturer to offer a 30 year warranty at additional yearly cost and you can honestly reduce waste and protect environment.

The green hip crowd can make bigger difference by keeping their phone / gadget / whatever an extra year or two before upgrading...

Carbon tax and other illogical policy is green wash and unlikely to make any difference. Heck spend the money used to advertise and administer carbon tax to plant trees and there would likely to be a bigger impact.

Of course I suspect no media will discuss this line of thought as they are paid for by ad revenue from people that keep making the next great new thing every year or two....

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