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Only those who work a few days on their pc and generate a minimum amount of $ 2, will understand that it is not worth working 8 hours a day 5 days a week for a month to earn a minimum wage is not feasible, and even to Many have touched them because they do not have any kind of connection to the internet, they do not know any method of generating money online.

Many of Venezuelans live day to day in the search for any need, food, transportation, vices, entertainment etc; venezuela already presents a hyper inflation where everything no longer increases by day, if not by hours, and if so just as they read it for hours, that's why the issue of migration is something so natural in Venezuela, while some want to go other they want to return to their homes to spend time with their relatives, and others to fight because they do not have enough money to go to another country, and they work hard every day to obtain enough to survive and to make for the pasapore and emigrate from country as quickly as possible.

Venezuela is in a crisis so great that no one is aware of what the government does or not, that if the opposition is revolutionary, and everyone is looking for a way to survive what is going to be good or bad, because good be more bad will not be any surprise to others.

The person who writes this article is clearly neutral, since he has always thought that politicians are the most greande trash in Venezuela, where they help the poor until they get their place in the government, they have seen how food is trafficked an exaggerated level, and that due to the need the insecurity grows on a large scale, and the criminals do not leave just for a phone, if not they want to take you off until the last thing you are wearing.

The famine in the street is sad, child looking in the garbage of the street, leaning out of the windows of the restaurants waiting to receive a little food to not sleep without anything in the stomach, are things that make you think that so bad this venezuela, that even with people sending money from abroad can not live comfortably by or with the millions you get for nothing.

I just hope that this phrase is the best thing that will happen to Venezuela


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