You have the power to change the world! It's so simple, here's how.......

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Most of us grow up believing we can't make a difference or change in the world but it's not true

And honestly it can be as simple as changing your diet!


Not only do you actively make a difference in the world but you change yourself too

you can even turn back the clock, you may look and feel younger

I'm 31 and people still mistake me for being 24!!!

You will even feel happier and more focused, more in control of your life and your dreams

All this from going Vegan, really?

If this is how much difference one person can make, imagine if the whole world was vegan!

Yes and it's so simple!

I know some of you are thinking, like I once did, that it's not a small change, in fact it can be quite a daunting prospect at first.

Like what will I eat, how will I live without meat? I'm just a meat eater and I just love meat, it's natural to eat meat. These are just a few of the things I used to say and many other people do too, it becomes a mantra that limits you!


But I can’t emphasize enough once you go vegan it doesn’t feel like a big deal after all

It's not rocket science or algebra..... just stop buying animal products, it's that simple

It requires a change of perspective, which is a healthy exercise for the human mind!

This is what happened to me, one day I woke up:

I remembered back to a time that when my parents went to a restaurant and told me we were eating bambi (venison) I cried!

How did I become the adult that convinced herself eating meat was healthy and normal? Well it was other peoples opinions that brought me to that place.

I felt like I had been brainwashed by school, society and those crazy paleo diet people!

When I started attending kundalini yoga classes, my teacher told me that it's really important to eat an animal free diet when doing this type of yoga she convinced me through her personal story of how she got ovarian cancer and healed herself by going vegan and doing yoga.

It became a no brainer after that!

That day I knew what the right thing to do was, I had to do it


It was that simple and changed my life forever

Really I don't miss animal products and there's no way i'm not going back


I had to re-wire my taste buds and mental receptors that meat was off the menu

How did I do this?

  • Go on a vegan retreat or find vegan friendly destinations to go on holiday, for me going to India and staying in meat free states helped a lot

  • Doing it in stages, For me first meat went, then cheese, the milk, then fish, then eggs, then honey

  • Animal products are expensive, remind yourself you can save $$$ by going vegan

  • Watch vegan documentaries and videos online for support

  • Join online groups for questions and answers

  • Look up vegan recipes and get excited to by all the new recipes you can learn

  • Stop shopping at supermarkets that have aggressive advertising that make you buy animal products and discover a whole new world of independent health and vegetable shops, also look out for organic farms.

  • Do some Yoga

  • Start growing some herbs and lettuce at home in containers

Thank you @ecotrain for this awesome question of the week! "name one small changed you have made that would be of great benefit to the world if everyone did the same?"


If you aren't vegan yet and are thinking about it, I would love to hear from you

If you are already vegan, please do comment on how it has changed your life

If you are somewhere in between, let us know why

And if it isn't for you, why is that?

🥑 🍎🥝 🍉 🍇 🍐🍓🍈🍋🍑 🍍🍊🍌🍏

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switching to a plant based diet 🌱 can change your life and change the world
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Thanks for reading


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and all in one :) great post, dear @celestialcow

Stop eating meat is certainly difficult, we started to grow vegetables in the backyard but we still keep eating meat.

Perhaps one day we might go full vegan.

Thanks for sharing this!


growing your own vegetables makes a big difference., they must be very tasty! i hope one day you do decide you will go vegan, you got to want to do or wait for a vegan friend to force you to watch cowspiracy or what the health. It was quite easy for me because I never ate much meat at home because of the cost.

I grew up in a meat-eating household, so eating meat was normal and natural, and like most kids, I didn't think much of it.

Then I read my mom's book, "Diet for a Small Planet," by Frances Moore Lappe, and had my eyes opened regarding the planetary costs of raising so much meat for food, on a small planet with an exploding population of humans.

At the same time, I had a couple of snakes as pets, and felt no great moral dilemma over feeding them mice, which is mostly what they would have been eating in nature.

Much as when watching a nature program, and seeing a lioness taking down an antelope or wildebeest, although I felt sympathy and even empathy for the animal being killed, the animal would have died in any case, whether or not the cameras were rolling. Death is a part of life.

When I moved out on my own, I ate little meat due to the expense, and considered taking the leap to becoming vegetarian. But when I went too long without eating meat, I found that my health suffered, and I learned later on that vegetarianism is actually not recommended for those with the O negative and O positive blood types.

We just don't tend to do well on strict vegetarian diets.

I still eat meat rarely, most of my meals are vegetarian or vegan, and I tend to use meat much as the Japanese do; as a condiment, rather than as the main course.

I got used to cooking vegetarian meals in Florida, because several of my closest friends there are vegetarian, and when Marek and I met he was a piscavore, meaning that he ate no meat or poultry, but did eat seafood.

For me this hybrid diet makes the most sense, as I am able to maintain my health, and still make a difference, as I choose to not support CAFO operations, buy organic and pastured as often as possible, and my meat intake is a fraction of that of most Americans.

Your post brought out a lot more information from me, but I'll fashion it into a proper post in the morning.

Thanks for your thought-provoking post, and for the invitation to share thoughts from whose of us who have chosen a different path.


Hi thanks for sharing your story! I didn't know that about the blood type. Is it because u need more iron? U have to do what works for u too for sure. Personally I don't eat cheese and milk because cows still suffer and all the environmental factors of keeping cattle and the milk has many antibiotics in there, we don't digest it well and it inhibits absorbtion of other nutrients. The oceans and farm fish is all polluted and there's also the problem with over fishing. It's seem using animals is just tainted and I don't like it from an energetic perspective its all. Life as far as I'm. Concerned. But going plant based means sourcing good quality organic vegtables because its also no good buying toxic vegtables delivered across the world. I look forward to day food grows everywhere


I can relate to much you re saying, and I agree that factory farming, mega agricultural and fish farms and the like are not only NOT feeding the world, but are poisoning out planet at an ever-increasing rate. There are better ways.

I've been growing organically for over thirty years, so from that standpoint, you're preaching to the choir. We're not growing all our food yet, but we're coming closer every year, and I've been writing about various methods of growing and preparing our own food for well over a decade.

It is easier than people think, and doesn't have to take a lot of space, if you're willing to think outside the box. I specialize in orcharding and perennial vegetables, which require a whole lot less work overall than traditional market gardening, and keep producing year after year.

As for the mistreatment of animals, I agree, it is a huge problem, and I choose not to support it. That said, I disagree that all meat and dairy animals are mistreated, as I know a number of farmers who not only don't mistreat their animals, but their animals live far better than a lot of humans do.

One friend in particular has the most spoiled rotten goats you've ever seen, and they thoroughly enjoy being milked, so they are far from suffering. Our goats are wethers, which is to say altered males, so no milking duties here as yet, but they're pretty spoiled as well. ;-)

And as I said I do plan on getting milking goats and (hopefully) a cow in the future, and we have enough land that they will have plenty of forage, protection from predators, and lots of love and care. As all animals should.


I should also note that I've been accused, since childhood, of making pets of everything, which is true. ;-)

Great post! Lots of good information and infographics. I'm vegetarian but I lean vegan for sure.

I believe you dear i believe you! id love to see your photo too so i can put a face to this celestial being that you are! Congrats to you for being vegan and honouring the life that lives as well as your self! <3

I just resteemed this one!! Love how you motivate so many to go vegan!! I totally agree with you, that the world would improve a lot if all the people would go vegan!! Much love to you!


Thank u for resteem hope it spreads the message that its simple if u want it to be.

Resteemed! Thanks for the motivation!


Thank you for allowing it to reach more ppl, hope it helps :)