Horses - Angels in Disguise

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When I was a child my parents used to take me for horse riding every Sunday, at a park close to my house. I used to select the biggest horse out of all the horses there. The joy of sitting on your favorite horse and galloping around was priceless.


My father loves horse racing and is a member of the Royal Western India Turf club. He wanted me to be a horse jokey but his dreams came crashing down as my height took a major leap and I grew 6 foot tall. (Haha)

But that didn’t stop him from following his dream and he bought couple of racing horses.


We ended up having 5 horses and they were our babies. We used to visit the stables & feed them, check of their health & spend time with them. It was such an amazing feeling that words can’t express.

We never supported gambling by horse racing. It was just a passion we had to own a horse and so we did.


During that period I had a bad phase in my life. I was broken and lost. Nothing seemed to work for me. At that moment I started spending a lot of time at the stable. Be with my horses.


Believe me the horses gave me soo much warmth and comfort. They could feel what I am going trough and trough their eyes I could see that they are telling me, “everything will be alright buddy”. And it surely did. I bounced back from the tough times and was back on my feet.


Horses are angels in disguise. If you ever get a chance just look into their eyes. You will understand what they are trying to say. They are the gentle giants who will always watch your back. (if you ever owned one)

The grace & positive vibes they carry is unbelievable.


At present I don’t own any horse but I still do visit the stable and spend time with them. But soon I will own one again. In a city like Mumbai (India) where owning a horse seems like a dream, I feel soo blessed that my dream did come true.

If you own a horse or every did or you have some strong to share, then please do mention in the comment section.


Please do let me know if you liked reading about yachts. So that I can post more for you guys in time to come.


Thank you for your valuable time for visiting and reading my post.


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I've missed your yacht posts, will go have a look.

I've heard of horse therapy, that for someone very sad they can help a lot. Lucky you. I've never known a horse, but always wanted to. Lucky you, and Congratulations!


Oh it is amazing to be around horses.. if you ever get a chance please don’t miss it .. ☺️