How I healed psoriasis naturally in two weeks. Natural Medicine

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The natural medicine group here on Steemit are here to promote and share stories, recipes and ideas about any kind of natural medicine. I would like to share a post about a pretty severe skin condition I had when i was just 15 years old, that no doctor could cure, but I managed to resolve in just a few weeks. This story might be helpful to anyone with psoriasis, eczema, or other skin problems and is a totally natural option that can completely remove the need to apply harsh chemicals, tars and other creams which do not seem to cure the problem anyway. Even though I have a lot of respect for science, to a certain degree, i have even more respect for millions of years of evolution. Nature's medicines are miraculous, and nearly all our modern medicines are based on natural cures that have been commercialised. Plants and herbs contain powerful medicines and have not all been discovered. Therefore we should always be open to trying natural methods first, unless its a life threatening situation, and see if you can empower your body to heal. That is how I approach my own health more and more these days, and so I hope this story is helpful in more ways than one!

There are many kinds of Psoriases, and the type that I had was diagnosed as Psoriases Nervosa. The doctors didn’t really know what had caused it and so they said it was because I was nervous or tense. That may well have been the case for me as I had a lot going on back then with issues relating to my Mothers health and her several miscarriages and attempts to get pregnant. Since my real father died when i was just 4 months old, I was very close with my mum, and when her health was suffering I became quite nervous. The result of these unresolved emotions was psoriasis nervosa, which meant that my entire body was covered in these little round dots with silver tops on them.. everything except my face thank god was covered, head to ankles and especially inside of my arms and legs and belly. They just came and stayed for many months. I went to several specialists, and we tried various treatments including a tar bath which i can still remember smelled really horrible and im sure wasn’t very good my skin ;-( I also tried the usual barrage of cortisone based creams and whatever other pills and potions the doctor had to offer. I can't remember them really helping me at all, and so in the end I pretty much gave up on it and just hoped it would go away. Several months longer and they still hadn't gone, and I was beginning to get embarrassed about it!

Then one day my mum had the idea of sending me to Israel for two weeks on a holiday with some family friends. It sounded like a good idea to me, with the main idea being for me to get some sun and to visit the dead sea. The dead sea is renound for its unique medicinal qualities, as well as the dead sea very mineral rich mud that people flock to from all over the world to smear all over their bodies. You can buy dead sea mud for ridiculous amounts of money in a good shop, but there is no substitute for the real thing. The dead sea is also located at the lowest point on earth, which some say also somehow helps the best kind of sun light to reach ground. The sea itself has such a high salt content that you literally float on the water, and in my view offers one of the most powerful detox options that you can ever try. Salt is very good at drawing out toxins through the skin, and when in high enough concentrations, can literally suck toxins from your entire body through your skin very visibly.

So i reached Israel and stayed in the Capital, Tel-Aviv for about 5 days and settled in. Nothing makes me happier than a falafel and some Israeli hummus, and so I was treated to all that I could eat and enjoy. I can also still remember eating some Borreca for the first time... these little gems are simply little pastry puffs with some special sour cream cheese inside, and taste like heaven! SO i was relaxing, and enjoying the weather and the Sun, but after 5 days it wouldn't say things had really improved much if at all. I don't really think i was expecting any kind of miracle either.. in fact if im honest I probably just went for the food and chance to have a holiday from the stress of life at home at that time.

So finally as we neared the end of the first week we headed to the Dead Sea for a few days. The sea itself is quite big, and you can choose one of many spots to enjoy. You can go to a luxury resort, or a cheap and best spot anywhere along the 135Km perimeter. The dead sea divides Israel from Jordan, and you can see Jordan from most parts of the Dead Sea on a clear day.. which it usually is there. Its fair to say that the location is pretty much desert, with sweltering heat and humidity. Being stranded without water in that area would not be a good thing! So we visited an area that was a bit like a beach. There was a large sandy beach area which looked on to the dead sea, as well as showers and a small restaurant that served everything I knew and loved. You have about three options when visiting the dead sea.. One is to lap up the sun, which of course everyone does. There is a wild rumour going around that you cannot get sun burned at the dead sea due to the altitude. Let me just tell you that after visiting again three years ago, that is not true! The next option is to float in the sea and just let the water do its thing. You cannot swim, or be on your front. You can simply float or stand and chat and take in the views and scenery. The third option is to grab some of that incredible mud from the ground and smear it all over and leave it to cake on. No surprise that I did all three!

When you get in to the dead sea for the first time it is quite unlike another experience of water! The first think you notice is these enormous salt crystals that are sticking out of the ground, and you can feel them as you start to walk in the water. There is salt literally crystallising everywhere, and if you lick it you mind will expand! Its very salty that's why only! If you are lucky enough to not have any cuts on your feet you will then notice how amazingly squishy the mud is.. and every so often you will plunge down into a soft well.. You godda be careful here! If you are unlucky and have any cuts on your body then you will likely go no further and have already run back with very sore and painful cuts! That is basically rule #1 for the dead dead, no cuts! The second rule is that no matter what, no matter HOW itchy your face may be.. no matter how many flies may be perched on your nose.. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE!.. and certainly, most certainly do NOT rub your eyes. It may seem obvious but many people still do it, and let me tell you.. i also have done it and WOW does that stuff sting! Once you get in and lift your feet just a tiny bit they suddenly fly up and before you know it you are floating on the water. Its not easy to unfloat yourself, and you have to basically just relax and waft about with the currents. There are almost not waves, else this really would be the dead sea!

Once you've had a good dip you can carefully exit and head to the showers. I can remember as I got out what I saw! My skin had gone super red with blotches.. Most of my torso was covered in huge round red circles that looked Just like a skin detox. Who knows what was coming out of there, but it was all itchy and more than I had EVER experienced before. I did get a very light version of this sometimes after a hot shower or heavy exercise,but not like this! I remember looking in this mirror in astonishment, hopefully I was OK!

Well if i wasn’t the mud bath would hopefully help, and im sure would reduce the itchy feeling. So i went over to a spot where i saw several people covering themselves in mud, and just went for it. You can slap it on thick, and it feels SO good in your hands as you extract it from the ground. it makes all those farty squishy noises, but when you get in in your hand it is SO dense and thick and creamy. It smell ssoooo damn medicinal and in all the right ways. Its just FULL of minerals and salts and who knows what other skin friendly ingredients. SO i covered my self from head to to, everything but the eyes of course. Since its SO thick it doesn’t run and you can cover your face in it. Its fun of course, and once its on you just sunbathe with it on so that it dries up. Whilst its drying in the sun the magic happens and the mud sucks out toxins from the skin. You can spend half an hour quite happily like that, and you wont get sub burned either. In fact if you are looking for the very best sun tan cream this is probably it! Ok fair enough, not the most flattering appearance in the world, but you wont get burned!

So I think you get the idea! In the end i spent the best part of 2 or three days there doing more or less the same thing. After that we returned to tel aviv for the final 5 days of my holiday. You know, I don’t think any of use were expecting what happened next, but within just three days I peeled a bit, just from being in the sun so much. Once that had all settled down It was plainly obvious that my spots were really reduced, I would say as much as 80%! It was hard to say if that was because i was SO red, and matched my spots, or because they were reducing.. but i didn’t see that silver cover either so i had some hope. I think you know what is coming next, which is, the miracle healing and total cure before I went home! By the time I arrived back in London, UK I was all clear. There were some very light marks that were visible just on my arms and there were one or two spots on my chest but that was about it. I was cured, in just a few days but sitting on a beach and slapping some mud on me. AMAZING! Since all those years ago it never came back. I did used to get a few spots on my arms and belly, which alerted me that my stress levels were too high!

So if you are reading this please do remember, doctors don't have all the answers. In fact they have Very few answers and are so specialised that they don’t really know anything about natural healing or remedies. Google is terrible at diagnosing problems, but amazing at sharing options and ideas.. and it is very easy these days to discover natural remedies to problems that you have had diagnosed. I hope to share a few more of these stories, as I have had a few!


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I use both natural mineral salts (sustainably harvested from Nan near the Laos border) and various clays in my skin-bodycare products and am a devotee of both. Salt water is a number one for soaking!! Currently working on a natural-mineral-salt-rice-milk bath soak. :) Love that you have found healing from this itchy-horrible "thing" (probably mostly by lowering your stress). Lovely post, Alex. x

I got the worst sunburn of my life in 1983 at the Dead Sea!
I was sitting under a canopy and thought I was save from that merciless sun, but somehow it got under there and burnt my shins. I got severe blisters on them and for years there were visible scars.
Out of curiosity I just examined my shins now and since there are many more scars there now, courtesy of life, I cannot clearly identify those Dead Sea scars any longer.


MMm, oh dear.. bad luck .. it is HARSH sun for sure... ironic that you got them there.. perhaps if you go back now you might heal them.. lol!

The Dead Sea is amazing! This is a remarkable story @eco-alex and not the first I have heard testifying to the healing power in the Dead Sea. Sadly you will not recognize it, due to the mining going on. My first and second visit to Israel were divided by 15 years and I was horrified at the radically reduced size. Of course it is still a wonderful place to visit but I wonder how much longer it will remain so.....


i hear this a lot about mining.. very sad yes.. when i went two years ago at least there was water still there! ;-)

oh, yes...people are used to think medicine has answers, but in fact it doesn't work in the most cases.
like my relative, a doctor by profession (!!) says: medicine is nothing more than just an upgraded chiromancy (c)
Doctors do NOT know the answers, they just try to guess, they are just people with a diploma (sometimes an undeserved one).
If a person is really involved into the process and study his health, he can be much better than any doctor!

Doctors don't have answers, but the Nature DOES have!
I'm glad you have found your answer!

Amazing story! You had a fantastic journey and you were miraculously healed in the end. Wish I could go too for a skin issue that has cropped up from time to time in the past, and is getting worse again. Doctors don't even pretend to have the answer to it. Thanks for sharing! :)


well i hope you get there eventually. probably cheaper than the health care system anyhow!

Thank you for that amazing natural healing science. I am following your posts

Very nice post

Excelente información,eso es una gran ayuda para las dolencias que la medicina moderna no puede curar y nos enseña maneras naturales que si funcionan.

Thanks for giving the chance to enjoy this beautiful news!!

Fascinating story Alex, thanks for sharing! Detoxing is indeed the key to true healing, and what a detoxing experience that obviously was!

i just got this post as i am super passionate about natural medicine and i do experiment on psoriasis i read it all through! such a good post! i loved it! i will keep it in mind to share your knowledge with the people i speak to.

i am doing natural medicine myself and experimenting with cannabis medicinal oil. from far far away it works the best from everything i tried before. especially for psoriasis! we did some tests, maybe i will write a post about it and took photo every day for 3 weeks and saw visible how the skin is repairing.

we used cannabis essential oil for this :) quite hard to find, but defenetly worth it.

just share it with you <3 xx


very good to know that, thank you for sharing this!

That's a miracle and that it stayed away never to return is very amazing. so happy you found a cure!

Oh that’s amazing! I have read about its miraculous properties for skin problems and always wondered how it would be to actually go there and treat the skin problems. But upon reading your story I am more tempted to go though there is no chance in near future. Lol !
Regarding psoriasis, it is nice that you got relief. Generally allopathy doctor’s are not positive about the cure.

Oooh I MUST go to the Dead Sea now! This is my first time reading such a detailed story of what it was like. Fascinating, and I must try it.

Great story! Natural cures are the best. I would love to visit Isreal. Following.

This is so well written, who’d-a thought a trip for fun would harvest a cure. Do you think the salt was acting as an antimicrobial? After all of that and seeing how the skin reacted do you agree with psoriasis, or do you think it was something else.

That is an amazing and incredible story.

It would be great to see some research into why and how this worked for you.

Perhaps also the relaxing holiday helped reset your nervous system.


Woo! Love your post - we've given you a wee upvote and hope it helps you continue to write such amazing posts.

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