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"The Unconscious Mind"

Who is really in control of things?! Our minds exist in what i can only describe as a kind of multi layered world, one in which we are consciously aware of so little about what is really going on around and inside us. We exist in the conscious mind, but most of the decisions and prompts that make us do and say the things we do come from another place entirely. The unconscious mind is busy all day and night keeping us safe, alive, and functioning as it thinks we should. Now in many ways I am very grateful for this, I mean.. thank g=d i don’t have to monitor my breathing or heart rate all day long.. and going to sleep would be a proverbial nightmare as i forget to breath whilst I sleep.

The unconscious mind is a reservoir of feelings, thoughts, urges, and memories that live outside of our conscious awareness. Many of the contents of the unconscious are unacceptable or unpleasant, such as feelings of pain, anxiety, or conflict. The unconscious mind is very busy in many ways, and that includes filtering and offering our conscious mind what it thinks we need to see or hear or feel at any given moment. It's almost like an overprotective Grandparent or something, and most of the time we have no idea what it is up to! If the conscious mind represents the tip of the iceberg, it is the unconscious mind that makes up the massive bulk what lies beneath. Memories and emotions that are too painful, embarrassing, shameful, or distressing to consciously face stored in the enormous reservoir that makes up the unconscious mind.

So this weeks question is one titled The Unconscious Mind. You can write whatever comes up for you when you read that title, there are as always many ways to look at it.. and i share a few ideas below! I think this would also be a great opportunity for another poem, so if you wrote a poem last week, maybe keep going and see what comes up this time!

What do you think the unconscious mind is? In what ways do you notice it operating? Can you remember any examples of where your Unconscious mind has either helped or hindered you? Do you think it is serving its purpose most of the time? What do you think its purpose is!? .. and of course the age old question of Who exactly are you, and if you are the mind then which part are you exactly?


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Ready, Steady... THINK!




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Oh... Nice one @Eco-alex. So much to talk abput in the subconscious mind!!!

I will try

Hi @ecotrain. Interesting theme.
I have a little question. In the main title of this article, you indicate that the question is related to the subject of the unconscious mind, but then, in the publication guidelines, write that the question is about the conscious mind.
I wonder, would it be that your unconscious mind betrayed you and you mentioned it in the title, since it was the conscious mind? Greetings.


top marks for spotting that, and interpreting it so well! l-) edited!

such a huge question, where does one even begin, hmmm xxxx

Happy solstice back!! Looking forward to the usual 'no i can't write' - think about it all week - write something ... hhHhaaahahha.. deeeeppp thinking... love it!!!!

Interesting topic... I have to think a lot.. Hahaha...

Here is mine. Wierdly this week I was tapping into the unconscious mind. Amazing how it can teach us so much.

Oh! All complicated questions at once. Have to think a lot!
Thanks 😊

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Thats another great topic. I think there might be too much to cover for this simple question...

Just finished writing. I am not late already. here you can find my story-
Blessing! :)

Theses have been written about this topic, Good Sir. LOL. Quite the challenge this week! We shall see what the unconscious - not to be confused with the subconscious!! - mind throws up for posting. feeling challenged.

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yep! i mean,, we can get really mental on this.. ill probably opt for a powerrful simple poem and try to by pass too many theories! l-) xx

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