Who do you trust and how do you trust? #EcoTrain QOTW:

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Trust is one of the most important factor in any relation. The question am I Trustworthy also depends on one's integrity. I personally believe that honest people are trustworthy people, people who do not manipulate can be trusted, people who always have good in mind for others can be trusted and moreover people who speak very direct are also trustworthy because they do not play with words.

What does Trusting someone mean to me?
For me personally it means that the person I trust will never bring harm to me, will never lie to me, will never be manipulative, will never give me sugar coated talks, will never cheat me, will be there for me for my good then no matter even if it is a harsh situation.

It takes a lifetime to get someone's trust or to trust someone, it just does not build up overnight. So this small word holds a very big responsibility. When I trust someone I close my eyes and believe the person blindly. Trust is a virtue of Responsibility, if you break it, you break someone's heart and you fall in someone's eye which you may never be able to repair it ever again. Trust once broken is difficult to mend.

The People in my life I Trust the most

My Son and my Husband are 2 people in my life who I can Trust blindly with full faith. I have no doubts when it comes to my Trust on them. I know their character in and out and I can so proudly say that they never fail me. It does not mean that we do not have our conflicts, arguments and indifference's, but still in all of it I know that they will always be very honest to me. What I like about them is they never give me false hopes and expectations. Both of them are always very sincere and honest in their words and that's what makes me Trust them. I always feel very safe and secured in their presence. I know they will always be there for me, even if they are physically not around.

Me as a person I do not trust people very easily for all the past experiences that I have had. My Son and my Husband are the most closest people to me in my life and I can very assured say that I place my Trust in both of them. Relations grow with time and as you experience life you know who you can count on and who you cannot. My experiences with them make me believe that I can Trust both of them for anything in my life.


I feel for most of us it would be like this, Trusting the immediate family members the most, because we live with them day in and out and we know every action of each other, we know how each other feels and how we make each other feel with our actions, we know their character, we are constantly doing things for each other, taking care of each other and we can see if it is being done selflessly or selfishly and that's what builds up the whole relation of Trust.

Not that I do not trust other people in my life, but somewhere it is never 100% and it is situational. Sometimes I know I can Trust and sometimes I am apprehensive about it. Because what may be of my interest may not be of their interest and that's where the conflict may arise.

It is good to have trustworthy people in life, who you can rely on. Sometimes you just want to fall back on someone and allow the person to lead you, in such times if the person is not trustworthy then one may lend in trouble. Even the closest of relation can be deceiving. But where there is Love there will be Trust also. A loving healthy relationship will automatically give birth to Trust. You will always think good for the person you Love and will always want good things to happen to the person. Anyone can make mistakes in life but the more important is to own it up and be honest. Once the Trust of a person is broken it's like you need to start all over again to build that relation, which may happen or may never happen, all depends on the forgiving nature of the other person. Even if the person forgives, somewhere the scar will always be there. Betrayal hurts a lot but if one decides to work on it after breaking the Trust then it is not impossible.

Trust is not only required in a Man and Woman relationship but it is important in every single relationship. When a baby is small, the most trusted people will be the parents cause the baby knows through the connection of love that only the parents will keep him/her safe. A person on the death bed will trust the Doctor the most, because the person believes that only the Doctor can now save the life. Where we feel safe, where we feel the comfort, we build up our trust. We cannot survive in any relation with superficial people. Honesty is the key basic for any relation to thrive and grow and where there is honesty there is Trust.

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I had trusted some people before but some have been proven to betray that trust. But we can just trust the people who loves and cares for us @nainaztengra


That's really sad to hear. When someone breaks your trust after that it is difficult to trust even genuine and honest people around you :-(

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In God we trust, all others must be kept under surveillance. - NSA


I like that under surveillance....so apt :-)

Thank you for these honest and wise words. You bring up something that i didn't see yet on QOTW... Its SO important to trust the right person because when we have been wounded by others it makes it hard to trust anyone again! IT sounds like you have managed to find your balance now, and experience has taught us that as you say.. once broken we have to basically start again.. it simply takes time to build trust!


Thank you for always being so encouraging and motivating towards all your EcoTrain members and also coming up with topics that make us dwell deeper. Sometimes by just asking one simple question you allow the person to think and with that thought there is a lot of realization that happens. You are an amazing person Alex 💖


thank you SO much dear! I just landed back home in India.,,. quite delerious.. so very nice to come back to Such a beautiful comment!!!

Are you in thailand now?!! xx


Welcome back home. I am on my way, will reach tomorrow morning.
Much Love 💖


have a FANTASTIC TIME.. Xxxx hope to see some photos ;_)

You kind of alluded to it, but there are different levels of trust. I honestly don't think I trust anyone 100%. Some people I trust with some things some people with others. Same goes for my own kids. I know their limitations and I think the character of a person tends to dictate how much trust I put in them and with what. Great post sweets.


That's right, even I cannot trust anyone 100% but yes my husband and son I can as I said. Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts my dear :-) Love always

I'm over 50 years in this body and experience as well as education from the highest spiritual authority in Vedic culture on my quest for enlightenment in India has educated me to know that you trust no one. The mind cannot be trusted, not your own or anyone else's.


Those are some very wise words and I am sure with your knowledge there is lots that one can learn from you

There ARE those few, special, connected people where we trust the implicitly from the second we meet them, and it lasts, stays and grows, despite the times we disappoint one another.

I loved your last conclusion: "We cannot survive any relation with superficial people." Soooo true!!

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Thank you my dear, your comments always add up value to my post.