10 Conscious Gift Ideas for Christmas


For some people, Christmas has lost its magical touch and drifted far into the materialistic realm of our life. Nevertheless, to celebrate Christmas more consciously we don’t have to turn our back on bringing joy to others with lovingly prepared presents. 

This year, Johann and I decided to each prepare a secret experience for each other, a day trip to remember. For us, memories are the most valuable gifts but material presents can also be as meaningful if we choose them consciously. 

Here are a few gift ideas that might bring back some of the magic of Christmas: 

1. Inspiring Book 

It’s such a classic gift but has never lost its value over the years. Books can take you with them into a different world, share adventures with you as well as important life lessons. To make this present more meaningful, read the same book together with your gift receiver and share your observations, feelings and opinions. 

My personal recommendation for a spiritual adventure with no shortage of ideas for discussion - The Celestine Prophecy.  On Raw Expansion you can browse through some more great reads that we loved so far. 

2. Individual tea creation 

The right tea mixture can calm you down after a busy day, lift you up when life gets challenging or simply taste extremely good. Get inspired by some proven recipes and mix together exactly what your gift receiver might need right now. You can buy loose tea in a bulk food store and some pharmacies even offer to mix together some teas in your preferred ratio. 

3. Love Letter 

A personal letter with all the things you admire about your gift receiver, some of the most beautiful memories you share together and everything you wish for their future. We often forget to tell the people in our life how much we value them and how awesome they really are. Write it down and give them the round of applause they deserve. 

4. Unique spice mix 

You gift receiver is a fan of the Indian kitchen or would never say no to a hearty Mexican dish? Create your own spice mixture based on some recipes online including high-quality ingredients and lots of passion for food. Maybe you want to extend your spicy gift with a dinner invitation for a home-cooked meal. 

5. Zero-waste kit 

Your gift receiver is a green hero ready to play around with plastic-free alternatives? A well selected zero-waste kit can help to make environmental-protection more fun. Here are a few items that might make a good fit: Stylish reusable water bottle or coffee cup, grocery bags, glass straws, mason jars, metal lunchbox or the good old cloth handkerchief. 

6. Raw treats 

These are hopefully not as long-lasting as zero-waste gadgets since they should be too delicious to turn your back on them. Self-made raw treats out of nuts, dried fruits and maybe some Christmas flavours are simple, yet can be very personal. Make your own creation based on the receiver’s taste or go with a proven recipe to amaze their taste buds. 

7. Upcycling Art 

Yes, it's time to get creative. There are still two weeks to go and so many beautiful options to create something unique out of waste. Upcycling means to use old, “useless” stuff and transform them into something new. For example you can make plant pots out of old shoes, turn lamp shapes into flower vases, build a cupboard out of an old skateboard and so much more. The possibilities seem endless and the internet is full of amazing ideas that you can copy or use to inspire your own unique creation. 

Flea markets or garage sales are a great place to find some useful material for this endeavour. But oftentimes our own home already has some great items in store to start with. 

8. Meditation or Yoga Class 

In our fast-paced society almost everyone can benefit from more mindfulness in their lives. Although meditation, yoga or mindfulness classes might not be the right fit for everyone, they can be a great start to practice more inner joy. And if joining together with your gift receiver, this can become a great experience for both of you.

9. Nature trip 

Plan an adventurous day-trip for the lucky receiver including some hiking, mountainbiking, kayaking or maybe sledding if you are living in the colder climates. You might want to prepare some self-made snacks for the way along with a festive Christmas playlist if you are traveling by car.  

10. Scavenger hunt 

Now it’s getting really adventurous. Put together your own scavenger hunt with questions, hints and riddles leading from one place to another and finally finishing off with a little gift as the treasure. Seems like a lot of work? You can definitely find some inspirations and ideas online and the best gifts are certainly the ones you put some effort and creativity into. 

I hope these 10 ideas inspire you to go beyond gift cards and a new pair of socks and create a special gift for someone special this year. 

Stay curious and enjoy Christmas time!  


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I approve of this plant-based posts.
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Thank you for the support! :)

Delicious snacks for the holiday season yumyumyum


Thank you, raw bliss balls are just such a simple candy alternative - loving them.

There are some lovely ideas here, not just for Festive Season, but for anytime giving.

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Excellent opening for the beginning of the Christmas season. Well done, Anais and Johann. Details build good relationships and we give the best of ourselves in them, those ten tips are very good. A big hug for you.


That's so true, everyone sees if you've put a bit of an effort and thought into a present and sometimes that is much more important than the present itself. :) Thank you!!

Need moar raw treats


Well, maybe you should then gift yourself with some for Christmas! ;)

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Sounds great, thank you for the support! :)

You Have Been Curated By Vegan-Curate, Here to Curate For the Animals And Heatly Living.

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I really love the idea about the zero-waste kit.


It might not be the perfect gift for anybody, but I just know how excited I would be about such a kit :D