My opinion: What is the root of conflict between mankind? What needs are not being met?

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When I was new on steemit, I encountered a painful experience.
That incident can probably be the best answer to this question. Actually, this week I was in a mood to relax but @ecoTrain
question again rose my desire to share my opinion on the question:

What is the root of conflict between mankind? What needs are not being met?

What is pain and painful experience?

According to me, it is the thing that all of us experience with different intensity. The reason is simple, we all are built with different emotions. Is n't it? This emotions depends partially on the environment and surrounding which nurture us.
These emotions create an impression on mind and thus mind starts provide different alternative to the same problems.

My painful experience to talk

It was the story of previous year.
Steemit was my life's first social networking site and since english is not my mother language, so sometimes what I want to speak and what I speak appeared different. Next was steemit. Each contest and its new rules.
I talked to a Gentleman who was living in China. I said you are just a little far from me. But as per grammar rules it pronounces too far for him. I just wanted to say that we are nearer.

So, meaning sense changes sometimes. It can happen with anyone specially when you are not comfortable with any language.

So, there was a SBI contest, prize of two steemit. I submitted my entry but got no response. So, at that time I thought might this is a post that is saying something about a contest may be this is an article for fun experience. There were few funny comments also.

So, politely I tried to ask the judge. But judge took this differently. He started shouting at me. He said it is rude to push someone. It's night! Bla..Bla... But, believe in India, it was evening then. Reason you might be knowing Greenwich.

After that I tried to make him clear but still it was his perception that I am a lier. He banned me from his all his contest. But, only thing that he doesn't given me flag.

I presented my apology towards him a lot many times but he didn't responded. This type of incident I repeated two times with two other judges and both of them are now my best friend.

All from my experience:

From my experience, emotions create greed and greeds create anger. Knowledge is eternal. Emotions tries to capture it, thinking it to be it's trait. But it's the knowledge which rules over it!

If people understand such things there will be no such problem. Greed and uncontrolled emotions are responsible for overpopulation.

But since, each soul has different capacity to accumulate thoughts and mortal body there always exist such problem.

Only solution is to practice their respective religions with full dedication and try not to indulge in such things that harm nature and beings. By practicing religion means their responsibility towards their family, mom, dad, brother and society should be well carried.

According to Bhagwat Geeta, Lord Krishna said to Arjun that each one shall practice his religion without any conflicts.

If, you know the book Bhagwat Geeta then you might be knowing that this is one of the world best philosophical book. This book is translated into 36 language and believed to be the voice of God according to hinduism.
He even said that science is the only thing that mankind should stick which will answer his every questions.
It is not a belief but it's a reality!

In our ancestoral texts, it is mentioned clearly that the infinite oceans of consciousness creates soul of many kind, out of them the one who want to be in that sea recieves blessings of infinity. Infinity in every aspect. In such case, every life will be wonderful.

And believe me, this might not be happening in earth but still there are planets where such things is happening.

People should practice meditation. Though it will not work for all. But still it will be a great push-up for improving consiousness of being.

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love this post @saun! thanks for writing and sharing with us.. I really love the end too, meditation is something i am working with now daily, and i totally agree that it is one of the most powerful ways to get through the challenges that Maya brings us each moment.

SOrry you had bad experiences with people on Steem.. yeah that is conflict right there.. and based on such prejudgement and assumption, poor communication and no doubt the judge who berated you doesnt meditate!

thanks for taking past this week!


Thanks for reading it! Gentleman @eco-alex, when we say conflict we might be thinking of the same pictures but still it is better to keep it in words.
It's exciting! You do meditation! Have you ever experience eternal happiness? Actually, one more article I have to write since, I entered another contest three day past with wrong entry.

Even though English is not your native language I can understand almost without any difficulty what you are writing about. Yes, the most important thing is do no harm... Interestingly PALnet tribe would just add "Take No Shit" in their motto.

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