Covid19 - Will this change the way we participate in our ecosystem???

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I really hope this will be taken as a serious warning...


Here's to my taking in some vitamin D... get out there in the sun if you can!

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For sure this is a sad time for many of us, we are faced with losing quite a lot of people we know and care for. By now most of us know someone who has contracted the disease... There has been talk about a 6th exctinction in the last few years, but I don't think covid19 is it.

Hopefully, we'll take this as a clear message from mother nature, to stop fucking around!

Once we get over the hill on this, I really hope people will change their ways. We are supposed to participate with our ecosystem, not destroy it... it is our home! Not only have we been creating so much pollution which hurts this ecosystem, in many forms, but we have been putting too much pressure on our own species. I've said it before, but here it is again:

Our quest for survival has surpassed us, we've created such abundance in food and medicine that our lifespan is now working against us. We are so many humans left untouched by natural selection that we will be killing the species.*

Yeah it may be a little grim and too dark for some people but it is reality. We've created such an imbalance in the world that is must naturally re-balance itself at some point. And here we are today with perhaps an act from pacha mama to shake things up and re-create balance again.

On that note, I hope you're well and that it blows over soon. Most importantly, I hope we will be challanged to see the world we are a part of, in more of a symbiosis kind of way...


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Comfort is an Experience Killer.

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For sure this is a sad time for many of us, we are faced with losing quite a lot of people we know and care for.

Not aware of anyone known to me having contracted it yet. But my self quarantene has been going on for decades. Thank the gods for the intraweb. 😎


Decades??? Where are you?


Speaking more about my anti-social lifestyle than a reaction to any virus. 🤓