[QOTW] Ecotrain’s Question of the Week... PLAY TIME!

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Thanks to @Solarsupermama, this week’s question is:

Why is play time important and what are some of your favourite things to do just for fun?


Play Time… ah play time!

Great question by the way @Solarsupermama!

When we were wee ones, this was an easy thing to do. All we had to do was ask the nearest little (or big) person if they wanted to play. I am reminded of this several times a day by our little guy. All he wants to do is play.

And he’d have Play Time all day long if he could, and forget to eat and sleep

Do we have to lose the idea of play growing up?

I’m not sure when it happened, but after a certain age, I must have forgotten how important it is to be in the moment playing. I never even really thought about it but looking around, there isn't an abundance of grown humans running around just playing. It's even more pronounced for strangers to ask to play! Yes you have tons of people who are into Team Sports, but how many aren't in it really just for competition? Sports aren't my thing at all so please enlighten me if I'm wrong, and then again who am I to say that competition isn't play for someone else!

Maybe because I associate (true) playing with being in the moment, like when we were tiny humans, I can't see how competing (concentrating on the end game) can be considered Play Time.

I love playing in the waves at the beach for example (one of the very few ways I can enjoy myself at the beach!), even though you're anticipating the wave and the end game is the ride you're still in the moment, where time stops.

Where Time Stops.

Maybe that's it, I think I've just hit it on the nail! Why do I think play time is so important? Because it stops time. When we're in the moment, we jump into some kind of time warp where the world around is is almost non existent and playing can really easily put us in the moment. Competition keeps me too focused on some distant future that I have a hard time considering it play time.

Release the Dragon

I love playing with our 4 year old, his imagination can really pull you into his games. As soon as we surrender to the little one's game, forget all personal responsibilities and most important, judgment from passerby, that's it you're locked in the Game. I can't even count how many times I turned into a dragon, or have had to avoid stepping into the lava flowing around the livingroom while being chased by bad guys! What a blast, espacially when you let yourself go.

A little wrestling never hurt anyone


There's my lovely, with her new look 😚!

Another one of my personal favorite play is wrestling with my wife! We don't do it all that much but when the mood strikes, she is so intent on taking me down it makes me laugh. Not because I think she can't do it but because it’s fun and I feel like a little kid play fighting. The faces she makes when she’s in wrestle mode are absolutely hilarious, maybe because I know what's coming? They are very serious and intense but always with an evil smirk that says you're going down!

For those of you who wonder, yes of course she takes me down sometimes, and sometimes I take her down, but it's always in good fun, laughing all along.

I can't tell you how most of our matches end up, I'm not the type to kiss and tell…😚


Oh no there's the crazy eye!

Steem line 2.png

Without play we would be all Martians... we'd be all stiffs! Please remember to play with the wee ones and with your friends, it's good for everyone.

A special thanks to @SolarSuperMama for coming up with such a great question. Most QOTW's have been great so far, I've just had very little time to dedicate to one of my Number 1 Steemit Communities: @Ecotrain, until now! Thanks for putting up with me y'all 😁!


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All work and no play makes Jack a Martian. I like it! great post @senorcoconut :)


Thank you as always @Steven-patrick 😁

Ha! Those pictures bought a smile to my face! And I could just image you running around with your four year old. I work with 3 and 4 year olds in the"Play and Exploration" program and they can be so much fun! and oh-h-h the stuff they come up with! Thanks for sharing this fun post!


Haha. Thank you, your comment brought me a smile!!!

One thing I love most in this life since we've had him is being a dad. Yeah it challenges your way of life but the fun is worth all the headaches that can come with parenting!

Thank you


Yes being a dad, mother , grandfather and grandmother (that's me) is a wonderful relationship - to have those little ones in your life, with all their uniqueness and sense of wonder. It let's me see the world through new eyes and I have such fun with my granddaughter (minus all the responsibility!)


Lol, I've heard great things about being a grand parent (about the responsibilities 😁).

I'll have to remember the termnyou used there

all their uniqueness and sense of wonder. It let's me see the world through new eyes

I really like that. Now that he is in the questions stage I'm forced (in a fun way) to learn and re-learn some things. The internet makes it really easy and I'm hoping to teach him through example about researching.


It's fabulous to open new worlds to your kids. I was so excited when my granddaughter could read for that really opens a whole new world. It really is something to have the world at your fingertips with the internet!


Yeah... when we say it's a small world, it really has become small with the internet at pur fingertips for sure! Reading is a very special thing to do, learning almost becomes unlimited!

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I love this! Play is really important...and you are onto something with time stopping.

Global Homestead Collective Come join us on discord! https://discord.gg/KCYH4JX7


Thanks you guys!! Yeah time just stops right? Hey I just did a little shout out to the Collective... it's a long post but it's there. Thank you for being there.

Gosh, we wrestle and play as well, I never win though. :)

Why do I think play time is so important? Because it stops time. When we're in the moment, we jump into some kind of time warp where the world around is is almost non existent and playing can really easily put us in the moment.

Being swept up and lost in the moment, that is so big for me. I think you really nailed it there.


Thank you @walkerland. She mostly wins... also I'm ticklish and she isn't!

oh where would we be without play, It is so true that play really brings you and holds you in the moment, our kids are so present and they really put everything into what they are playing at. For me play is the true beginnings of creation, we so need it to be healthy. Love your photos, so nice to have another wee peek into your world xxx


Thank you so much, heehee another tiny little peek yes!!! I am affraid school will break that creativity... holefully we can find a counteracting spell at home after school (if he goes that is). We have another year to think about it.

We have a Sudsbury school not too far actually. I forgot, thanks 😀