No evidence for globally coherent warm and cold periods over the preindustrial Common Era

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This study once again counters "climate skeptics'" argument of warm and cold cycles in the medieval ages that are used by those persons to argue against the science of human made global warming/climate change.

The study has been released in nature.. abstract can be found here:

here you can access the preview of the full paper:

On a side note:
On the northern hemisphere heatwaves seem to fluctuate over the Atlantic.. so after some very very hot weeks end of June / start of July in Europe the US experienced a severe heat wave and now its back in Europe again...
.. of course only random unconnected incidents... ;-)

Stay cool and go Solar!

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I think some people mistake weather for climate. But really it's the long term trends that matter. I think it's hard to deny at this point but sadly many seem to still be in denial.

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Sadly, I think most people mistake micro for meta in general in life. Our brains don't seem to be wired for the activity of seeing bigger patterns. That's where science comes in. But those who believe "gut instinct" and "common sense" are all they need, rather than one facet of a multi-faceted way of learning and understanding, will never have any faith in science.

here you can access the preview of the full paper:

I shared this to @gogreenbuddy to help widen your solar audience.


THX so much!

Thanks for this. It's good to have more ammo for the inevitable battles over what's real.

Always appreciating data to consider and absorb. Yes, too many people confuse weather with climate. Lots of educating needs to happen - thank you for contributing to that. And yes - agreed - go solar!!

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