How Can Nestle Still Be The largest Food Company In The World? When They Continue To Place Babies and The Planet At Risk?


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Creating Change is not as hard as you think, we all hold the power to bring about change. There are numerous corporations around the world that are destroying the earth and that are harming humankind. If we all decided to boycott those corporations imagine what would happen? Never feel like you can not make a difference, because if we all believe that, then nothing will change.

Enter Nestle, it just feels like yesterday that I wrote a post about Nestle pushing their formula milk on pregnant and new mums in the Philippines. They give huge incentives to health staff to push their formula and were present in the maternity hospitals handing out infant nutrition pamphlets which would promote their formula and give money off coupons.

This was happening in some of the poorest areas of the Philippines, where many people did not have any access to clean water. So they would end up using contaminated water and their babies would get sick. They would also not be able to afford to give the recommended amount, so lots of newborns were malnourished. You can read all about it in this newspaper article and in this article I wrote last year.

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This time however Nestle has been a huge presence in India, where Nestle India Ltd is listed as the primary sponsor and source of monetary and material support to five hospitals conducting the research titled “Multicentric Observational Study to Observe Growth in Preterm hospitalized infants”. Where they conducted trails on 75 premature babies on substitutes for breast milk.

Earlier in the year Nestle India were also accused of using incentives to encourage doctors to promote their baby products including formula to new mothers . Once again mothers are being advised to use formula when they simply can not afford to and when many live in areas with little, to no access to clean water.

Nestle are doing whatever they can to promote their formula milk, whether it is by pushing it on mums or funding research that blatantly supports their product. They are an aggressive corporation that cares nothing about humankind or the environment . As it stands today, the baby formula industry is worth $70 billion, now let that sink in for a minute. This is all that Nestle cares about!

Remember that they are only this powerful because we choose to support them. We support them by continuing to buy their products. What is it going to take for all of us to stop buying, to finally make a stand. Below gives you an idea of the many products they produce and the many different names they work under.

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Boycotting Nestle is one way in which We Can Make A Difference. How can you really justify buying their products anymore, especially as you know what they are like. Come On we really all can do so much better than this. Things will never change if we continue to elevate the Corporations that are blatantly destroying us and our home.

Don't even get me started on the way in Nestle 's history of depleting fresh water supplies for profit, again this is nothing new, along with the fact that it has been investigated for using child labour in cocoa farms. At the end of the day, Nestle which was founded in 1866, owns over 2,000 brands in 189 countries, with $89.8 billion in sales generated in 2017 alone. It has held the title of largest food company in the world since 2014. ( read it for yourself here.) All because most of us continue to buy their products.

We have the power to prevent this, by sending Nestle a strong message, a message that says Not In My Name and we can do this by Boycotting Them!, let your actions speak for you!

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This is an example of the dehumanizing of humans for corporate profit.
I haven't used any of their products, not their candy, their cleansers, their perfumes or especially their food products because I consider each and every one of them to be toxic. It enrages me that they press their poisonous products on populations that are at risk, and to babies no less. This company is a gargantuan parasite, supported and enabled by the US government in order to increase the economy. Disgusting. Thanks for the post.


Thank you, I too have not used their products in a very long time, but they are very good at buying new brands, so we do need to stay informed, xxxxxxx

Thanks @trucklife-family
Great Post on Nestle!

I stopped using their products about 5 years ago (Isaw a video by a Canadian woman journalist who had her show on RT, at that time. She analysed their products, spelling it out what is dangerous for our health. She challenged Nestle to appear on her show, and they sent an innocent looking girl who knew very little and therefore could not be properly grilled.

The other product they have which makes me very angry every time I see it on the shelf: A lot of people have moved to bottled water so as to avoid fluoride, so Nestle brought out a 'pure' water for babies, with fluoride "for their health"

They are part of the globalist scheme to get rid of most of mankind (globs say so openly) and that includes the dumbing down of all those who survive.

Would you like to know what the dumbed-down world will be like? They made a film to show you:

Idiocracy [2006]

Sorry, they are not being arrogant. They are facing facts...they know most people do not care to listen to facts, they just do what makes life easier for them, or tastes good (just look at how everyone knows Coke and other such cold drinks are bad for us, but they are still selling by the millions of litres). Is it any wonder they look at us as being sub-human?

I hope you manage to convince some people to change their lifestyle.


thank you, I have seen that movie, it is on point. I think the best we can do is keep spreading awareness xx

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I have to disagree with one comment you make: "Remember that they are only this powerful because we choose to support them." That's not true and would only be true in a free market. The markets Nestle controls are not free; they're protected not only by our own government, but by others, as well. Below is a snapshot of the overlap between Nestle and the federal government here in the US. (It's a few years old and needs updating.)


thank you for your response, I do understand and I am aware of how inter grained the American government is with large Corporations, but I still believe that we need to send them a message and that can only be done when we stop buying their products xxx


Agree with Truckie. The government can support them but if no one bought from them that would be pointless.

On the other hand, in an ideal world, the government would shut the fuckers down. Excuse my french.

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Hi @trucklife-family, thank you for this post as I had no idea this company's underhanded way of selling a product. They only want profits and do not give any consideration to the health and welfare of people. I shall pass on this information.


you are welcome thanks so much for reading xxx

Nestle is also behind stealing water rights right here at home - Poland Spring, Arrowhead, etc all belong to Nestle and they have gone into small towns and bought up the water rights so that they can bottle the water and sell it back to us while polluting the oceans with their plastic bottles - they even have access through the Arkansas River in CO in Chaffee County, and other counties where the peeps are not paying attention


I know it is disgusting what they are doing and what they are getting away with xxx

The power of milk and capitalism. I don't blame them, you can't put the blame and start calling culprits blind people just because they don't have the faculty to see things.

It's our must, as rational creatures, to strategize a way to transform the system from within.

Monsters can only be defeated by more intelligent monsters.

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Because blindness. Because ignorance. Because self interest. Because chocolate. This company is the worst. Resteemed.

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