Peaceful silence inside regarding conspiracy theories on silent Saturday

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Dear ones,

When you look at your own need concerning all the conspiracy theories going around at the moment, about the lockdown due to coronavirus, what is it? What is your need?

I think we share the same need on this one: a feeling of safety.

We all want that feeling of safety especially when we feel insecure about what's happening. We all feel that insecurity right now. That's ok.
In some people it even manifests as strong fear or panic, that's ok too.
What we don't want is to get up in our heads about it, because you know how it is, if you can't accept your fear, things start spinning in your head, frantically theorizing everything and trying to make sense of what's happening that is making you feel unsafe. It's an awful place to be, I am not unfamiliar with it.

First of all, we need to free ourselves from the reign of our own minds, before we start worrying about freeing ourselves from the reign of governments trying to force things upon us. We can do this by getting back down out of our heads and into our need, our need for safety.

Just connecting to the need instantly will make us feel safer and gives us an anchor to handle the fear from a more hopeful and clear place at the same time, a place of strength.
We all are feeling vulnerable at the moment, but in that vulnerability lies strength if we can connect to our need.
Be sure to simplify your needs back to the root. In that way it 'll bring you closest to your core, which in essence has the power to fulfill any of those needs that are essential to your being.That is the reason why you instantly feel more at ease while connecting to your need.
Don't mistake strategies for needs though. We don't know HOW a need will be fulfilled, we can only trust. And the trusting makes us ten times stronger and more immune to whatever bullshit out there, virusses fake or not and everything that is coming at us information wise.

Stay connected to your core, and you'll know what to do and what to trust at exactly the right time.


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Love Wombloom


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the only conspiracy worth entertaining , is the karmic one.
humans stop gaia from breathing, so gaia stops humans breathing.
totally justified.